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Leaving tomorrow to Phoenix, and then on Tuesday we leave for New Mexico.  It's alllll happening.  I'll be gone for ten days. I haven't packed or bought anything yet.  I have problems.

Before I move onto MY SONG OF... RIGHT NOW, tour calender~

Jul 20 - The Launch Pad, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 22 -The Conservatory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jul 23- The Loft, Dallas, Texas
Jul 24 - Emo's, Austin, Texas
Jul 25 - Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio, Texas
Jul 26 - Mango's, Houston, Texas
Jul 27 - Spanish Moon, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jul 28 - One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, Louisiana
Intense.  I'm not so stoked the only off day we have is in Oklahoma; I wish it were in San Antonio.  I love San Antonio.  Austin's downtown scene is awesome too; kitschy little Korean place, we will see you again.  Of course... I am stoked out of my mind to see New Orleans.  It's a 24 hour straight drive back, which I am less than happy about, but whatever, NEW ORLEANS.  We weren't originally going to go to Baton Rouge or New Orleans, but since we were so (relatively) close, we added it.  I get to spend my birthday in New Orleans. At least part of it, before the drive from hell, of course.  

Looking at that, I guess I understand why people think we're insane.  But this will be the last Lydia tour, and this is probably going to be the last mult-city tour we do, even for other bands we love.  After this, I think it's time to be real grown ups.  One last hurrah though.

Time for a Margot song.
And the girls are getting sick, of snorting coke up in the bathroom while their boyfriends pick up chicks. Darling, I'm lost. )
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Just kind of smacked me in the face that in just about a month I'll be living in Phoenix again.  So much to do. 

Envy on the Coast is breaking up. :(  It's the summer of bands I love breaking up.  So bummed I didn't go to the last show in Phoenix.  Just like... man.  Lowcountry feels so different than Lucy Gray, and I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but good lord, it's just so raw.  Ryan Hunter, marry

Also finally caught the White Collar S2 premiere.  EPIC I SAY, EPIC.

And now, songs.

Now I swallow anything that reminds me I am temporary )
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So now that my computer lives~

And by meme, I mean, it's not really a meme, it's something I've been doing while my computer's been broken, BUT FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN.  Songs I've been listening to repeatedly during these past few months.  Nothing entirely groundbreaking to see here, really.  It's kind of a "songs I've been listening to repeatedly/ Lydia will no longer be a band so I must write down how these songs make me feel" thing.

Spoiler alert: these will all be nearly Lydia songs.
You will never waste my time )
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This is Alejandro.  He has no pants, and when he was young he went to France.
+1 picture, and a meme! :D )

I was supposed to tag people for that, but I don't care. You should all do it anyway, I like reading other peoples' quirks/weird things. ^^

I have discovered penicillin is disgusting tasting.  It's also very effective.  It's been two days and the swelling's gone down a ton.  It could also be the Listerine I'm using every free opportunity I guess. I hate Listerine.  It buurrnns.
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Have a meme! I stole it from [ profile] bialleyhoos, thanks Ally. xD It made my day. [ profile] mekkisry, [ profile] caseyvalhalla, [ profile] kawree, yours made me crack up particularly loudly. xD And Ally's made me snicker. This is the best meme evar.

[ profile] chokethewind's Halloween party:

You guys are all shiny and sparkly. )

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created by [ profile] sigma7: More info here.
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Ganked from [ profile] caseyvalhalla .  Deal bitches.

Fanfiction Meme

2008 story stats:

108, 571 words
4 one-shots, 7 drabbles, 1 50-sentence claim, 3 anonymous things for some meme *shifty eyes*, 2 unfinished (unpublished)multi-chaptered fics at 18k and 15k words respectively, and one multi-chapter (unpublished) at 51k words.

This was interesting.  I don't have much to go on for it but I wanted to try it anyway.  At least it kind of summed up how much and what I wrote this year. >.< 
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Haiku2 for chokethewind
zombies are way cooler
than vampires which they are and
still get away with
Created by Grahame


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