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 So four days into this sojourn and I've got a pedo crush on Drake Bell.  


So I went from working 4-2 in the morning, then I went from that to fourteen hours days, and then I went to a two week hiatus, and now I'm working every morning at either 7 or 8.  Wtf kind of banker hours are these?  We'll see how it goes.  I'm also working 42 hours in six days.  Hopefully it will be more, and I will get more overtime.  It will also cut down the hours I have to be in this house.  YESSIR.

It rains a lot here because of the season.  I like this a lot; alternately, I hate it a lot because there are many many mosquitos, and now I probably have West Nile.  In the event of an outbreak, I plan on suing the county and their inability to control the bug population.  This is my new get rich scheme.  I expect you to all think it brilliant.


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I called off tomorrow morning, because I can't do this anymore.  I think I could if I had a job where I was able to sit down.  But I have to stand at all times, except when I get my half hour break, and at my first job I never even get a break.  So, I start the process of eradicating myself from my new job.  I'm skippin' town in a week.  Must get ready.

I saw Batman again last night.  Foreshadowing much?  

I am exhausted.  Tomorrow morning when I don't have jackshit to do and have slept more than five hours I need to catch up on roleplay.  And other shit.  I had like seventeen fic ideas and then I forgot them.  And I wanted to comment stuff but I'm half-delirious.  I will later.  Yes? Yes. 

And there is absolutely nothing interesting in this post.  >.<


Jun. 7th, 2008 01:56 pm
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 "I thought it was a really good statement, powerful moment when a major political party nominates an African-American man to be their standard bearer," he said in an interview with an Italian journalist. "And it's good for our democracy that that happened. And we also had a major contender being a woman. Obviously Hillary Clinton was a major contender. So I think it's a good sign for American democracy."

....three guesses who "he" is and you don't need the last two.  Come on, look at that eloquence!


Back to work today.  Hopefully I don't pass out.  Feeling a lot better, though.  Still have like no urge to really eat anything, which, in retrospect, rules.  ^^


Apr. 21st, 2008 03:48 pm
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I am  so done with service learning.  To think I was so excited for it at the beginning for the semester and then it just became a chore.  But done, I am now.

I also have to go to work today and I was supposed to have today off because I closed on Saturday.  And I need the 17th off because I promised my friend I'd go with her to her neice's baptism (if I don't burn the church down when I walk in the doors however) and we got all excited because we have to buy new clothes (i.e., I'm going to have to look like a girl for once in my life) and shit for it and then two other people requested the same day off to go to the same baptism. O.o  I better get it off goddamnit.  It's her neice and she wants me to go and I don't even know how these other two people know her.

And I don't wanna go to work wah wah wah.

How the hell is that Roxas and Axel always end up in weird positions?  BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER OBVIOUSLY.


Apr. 12th, 2008 04:16 am
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 I don't think I've thought the words "you fucking stupid broad" more times in my life than I did tonight. >.<  

Srsly.  There's a reason fastfood employees get minimum wage.  It's not hard you fucking stupid broad.

Ahhhh, the frustration. And I have to work with her again tomorrow.  At least I get Lola tomorrow instead of Joe.  Woohoo.

Bleh.  One more month til school is over.  Just one more month.  Just one more month.  Just one more month.

I still miss Billy Talent like your mom misses...something.  Idk.  Your mom.  That's what she said.  Oh snapz.  Your mom goes to college.  You get the gist.


Apr. 10th, 2008 03:13 am
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I took my own radio to work the other day because everyone was crying about not having one since the other one broke and Lola wanted one and Lola and I are homies so yea.

I am assaulted by rap and Mexican music every time I work.

Since it's my radio, I blasted Pierce the Veil for awhile, and then played the Lydia cd, and then played MCR's first cd.  That's the Bullets cd.  It has songs about vampires and zombies.  I played the zombie song (that's "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville" obtw) on repeat for an hour and a half and they were threatening to kill me.

That's right bitches.  I feel far more superior and pleased than I should about all of this.  Maybe on Friday I'll let them resort back to their rap.  Or maybe I'll burn a Billy Talent CD and give them something to really cry about.  It is inhumane to be subjected to rap music against one's will.  It's only fair they understand how opressed I feel all the time.  Right?  Damn straight.

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: CIS- discussion posts, quiz.  Start Powerpoint (do not want to get up at six in the morning like I did to finish Access.)
:HIS- Quiz.  Annotated bibliography due.  Midnight on Thursday. I am fucked.  Read Filagree. Start Powerpoint.
:EDU- Start extra credit.  Do late assignments (many).  Turn in service learning paperwork.  Start learning plan.  Finish porfolio.  Quiz before leaving Friday.  Start group assignment.  Give a damn about any of this.  Kill teacher.


:Deposit check.  Pay insurance.
:Pay cell phone bill? *wince*  Maybe.
:Library-fine.  Spanish shit.
:Turn in paperwork for summer school- ENG 102 (why the fuck do I have to take this class again?) and CRI -whatever the hell I place into.
:Placement test for CRI.
:Clean before leaving Friday.
:Save the universe. :)

This is here so I can update it and because I lurk on lj more than I lurk anywhere else and if this is here I'll see it.  Hopefully.  XD


Mar. 24th, 2008 03:28 am
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The Mosquito from Hell jumped out of the line at work when were closing today. O.o  HELL.  It was the biggest goddamn mosquito I've ever seen in my life and I've seen a shitton of mosquitos.  It was scary.  I ran and hid behind the jacket in the breakroom so the boy could kill it and he tried to smash it and it came straight at me.

Straight.  At. Me.


No, Mosquito from Hell.  I'm hiding from you.  You are not allowed to come and hide behind the jacket with me.  We are trying to kill you.

Oh and hope everyone had a good Zombie Jesus Day.  Or whatever the fuck you call it.  

People at work keep shoving Starbucks at me.  Free Starbucks.  They know what I like now-- the green tea fraps, the iced chais, or the passion tea.  And they just buy them.  And shove them at me.  THE CALORIES PEOPLE THE CALORIES! 

and I'm trying fasting today.  We shall see if I faint.  Huzzah!


Mar. 22nd, 2008 02:25 am
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 I've decided that throwing down eighteen thousand words on a story that up until yesterday as never going to see daylight is pointless.  I need to finish it, no matter how untrue to the canon and/or sucky it is.  There's enough badfic in this fandom, one more won't hurt anyone.  Not that I think it's bad-- it's just not entirely originial and/or good.  At least it'll be all spelled correctly, gramatically correct, and not full of stupid plots that are only written to fulfill some sort of Mary Sue urge.  None of that.  Questionable characterization?  Maybe.  But I'll do my best.

I also have come to the conclusion that I need a new job and the whole quitting thing is probably not the best idea when I have rent and shit coming up.  Income is better than no income.  Cell phone is probably going to get shut off shortly.  Oh well.  The whole "need a new job" conclusion is hardly a new one but kind of one I really should get on.  Tomorrow I have absolutely nothing to do so I'm about to lob this computer to the ground and try to pass out to wake up at a reasonable enough time to Get Some Shit Accomplished.  Yes, yes?

Tomorrow I also have to work with a few people I hate.  Til three in the morning.  New job, yes yes. 

I started roleplaying again.  Nobody knows it's me except for one person.  This should be interesting.
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Title: One Hundred and Two
Summary: Fifty sentences following Roxas's and Axel's time together inside Organization 13.
Rating: PG-13 for language and some adult-type action.
Pairing: Axel/Roxas (like I can write anything else).
Notes: Okay, well in any case, these are fifty sentences based on the community [ profile] 1sentence . You can find the tables here  (I used the Gamma set).  I didn't claim this pairing on the community, nor am I member-- I only used the table so all credit for that goes to them.  ^^  I tried to make this follow some chronological order... tried to make it follow Roxas's time in the Organization.  We'll see how that played out.

It's called sake! )

Most of them were written while I was on my breaks at work.  Good way to past the time, I'll probably do another one cuz it was nice and all that jazz.


Feb. 25th, 2008 02:47 am
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I won a gas card at work!  :D  It's only 25 dollars but that's gas for like a freakin week.  Rock on TB, rock on.  

Where the hell do I find dried apples?  I only find dried apricots or dried freaking anything else, but not dried apples and I have to get the mixed boxes.  It's sad.  I ate a lot today, but it's the first time in awhile that that's happened.  My appetite comes and goes and most of the time it's gone and if it's here all I want is sweet stuff (baaaad).  It's been more than a month that I've been a vegetarian and it's... not so hard now.  Sometimes I want chicken or a nice huge hamburger but eh.  There are other alternatives. :)  Most of the time I think I'm stuffing my face, and then I remember that I haven't eaten all day.  My sleeping/work/school pattern doesn't help because the days I don't work, I don't go to bed til 4 or 5, sleep until 12 or 2, then go straight back to work. Then it's sleep at 4 or 5, wake up at 11, go to school at 12, from 12-5, and then for some reason I'm usually not hungry. O.o  But in any case, I suppose that it's good.  

Annnd tomorrow is my first day with the high school seniors. O.o  Imma take a shower right now so my hair is sprightly and I can fix it up tomorrow.  So I can appear to have some class you know.  Wear my PTV shirt, my MCR jacket, my wristbands, my properly faded jeans, and my hot pink and black Etnies.  Pure class.  That's right!

I'm probably going to be making an icon dump on here sooner or later.  I've got about thirty of them. O.o

Money is stressful and this gas card is helpful.  I'm getting extremely apathetic again.  Which sucks.  I hate not caring but I just.. don't?  Lovely, really.  >.<  In any case, I get to sleep with Axel tonight.  OMGYAY.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 06:21 pm
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Some lady came into my work today and complained about how the only person who ever gets her order right is the "white lady" and the "Mexicans" always screw it up.  Of course, let us not discount the fact that the last two times her order was supposedly fucked up (she lets her fucking kids order and THEN comes back to complain and her kids are like eight) it was taken by the two whitest people our store has.

Rawr.  Any type of assumption usually pisses me off and it pisses me off before because she was talking to me and she was talking very slowly and very obviously, like I couldn't speak English properly.  Bitch I don't speak Spanish and just because I am Mexican doesn't give you the right to just come up here and ... ah I don't knwo what I'm trying to say, my thoughts are running around jumbled because I'm tired as hell.  I just... it always annoys me that just because I look Mexican it makes people start talking to me like I don't speak Engilsh.  I mean.. I don't know, when I see Japanese people I don't start talking slow like they don' know English.  I suppose I could look at demographics, because I do live in Arizona and most of the people at my work at native Spanish speakers, but they all speak English to some degree of competancy.  But even when I was in Green Valley, people would still talk to me like... oh I don't know.  It just annoyed me.  It always has.  I don't know what kind of argument I'm trying to make, or if it's fair.  I ramble.  /ramble

I got off work last night, drove down to Tucson, picked up Loren, and came back.  So we were back by four am and I was asleep by four thirty but had to get up at nine for work.  Huzzah.  I love my car.  She's a trooper.  Her name is Evian and she's blue.  :D

Other than that, I'm making icons.  Nothing else new really.  I have twenty bucks til Tuesday.  Woot me.


Feb. 9th, 2008 11:57 pm
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I finally figured out where those cutscenes from Final Mix went in the actual game.  Damn I'm a genius.  It's that much sadder now.  Though I still don't understand when/where/how Axel and Roxas have their little talk after Sora defeats him in the World that Never Was.  O.o  or why some of the scenes after have Japanese subs.  The fuck?  I should just figure out how to mod my PS2 and get Final Mix.  I won't undersatnd it but I understands the basics right?

gah.  The ice machine at work is broken so we tried to fix it and this girl was messing with the top and the big ass panel on top fell off when she messed with it.  I was able to protect my head but it banged my shoulder up and smashed my finger.  I couldn't bend it for half an hour-- I was srsly starting to wonder if I had to go to the hospital or if it was broken because it was hurting but I finally was able to bend it.  It's okay now I guess, but I'm going to stop typing because it's starting to ache again.  It's not as sharp as it was but it's just aching.  I probably just sprained least I have a sweet ass bruise from where the panel slammed into my shoulder.  ^^  I should still that one time I burned the top of my hand, or that other time where super hot water fell on my chest and i got second degree burns and still have the marks? 

So suing. not really it's my own stupid fault.  well not this time maybe.

the chick i worked with was all "so you have all these tattoos and piercings and you're afraid of people?"

my response was, "I'm not afraid of pain, but i am afraid of people."

not really.  but i wrote it down here to remember it, because i think it's an interesting concept that's been used time and time and time again that i want to remember.  okay, really going to stop tyipng now.

oi, ice cream and kingdom hearts playing for the win.  i don't need this finger to play kekeke.


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