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Dec. 4th, 2010 05:50 am
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I haven't talked about fandom in forever! I realized that while I was dozing and for some reason it wouldn't leave me alone, the things I've been reading/watching the past few months, so!  Here they are:

- Anime/Japanese thing wise .... pretty much zilch.  I've stayed current and hip with the KH fandom and the new KH games, but as I haven't played Birth By Sleep, I haven't really ventured into looking at fic for it.  You would think for someone who organizes anime conventions that I would be more in tune with anime... but not really.  I mean, I'm pretty good at what's hip with the rest of the world, I just don't watch/read it lately.  I fail.

-TV shows.  Now that's a whole new matter entirely.  I banged through three seasons of Skins (will get to the fourth eventually).  Banged through all six seasons of Weeds.  Am on episode 4 of the Walking Dead.  Misfits is my next adventure.  Watched all of Matt Smith's run as the Doctor (I love Matt Smith, I cannot deny).  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on my backburner, as it's been demanded by my friends that I watch it.  Will be marathoning all three seasons of Arrested Development on the 12th.  Am current on Glee and How I Met Your Mother.  I did horrible and only saw two episodes of this last season of White Collar, which I need to fix because Matt Bomer is beautiful.

- I watched the Human Centipede. It was not as terrifying as I was anticipating.  Have seen Harry Potter, Paranormal Activity 2, and Tangled lately in the theatre.  Watched Love Actually repeatedly in the past few weeks.  Have watched How to Train Your Dragon repeatedly as well - that movie is my life.

- Musically, it's been all My Chemical Romance and Courtney Marie Andrews lately.  I went to a Margot and the Nuclear So and So's show last month and couldn't get in since it was sold out, so my sister and I camped in the parking lot and listened to from the car.  Despite it being freezing, it was actually pretty awesome. No obnoxious idiots to compete with.  Dear and the Headlights broke up, which has been bumming me out.  I missed a Pierce the Veil show this last Sunday and I'm kicking myself over it.  They'll be back in Tucson in January, so I'm hoping (foolishly) I might get to that show.  But mostly, just MCR and Courtney Marie.  You should listen, girl sounds like an angel.  Don't let the folk/bluegrass label fool you.  Start with Oak Creek.

- Bookwise, I've been pretty tame.  I'm on and off again reading the Locke and Key series - it's a graphic novel series written by Joe Hill, who is Stephen King's son and wrote the only book that's scared me in recent memory, Heart Shaped Box.  I'm still really obsessed with the Hunger Games series, which I guess you could say is my biggest fandom at the moment.  I was mostly re-reading things I've had, though I made a decent effort at The Bell Jar, before abandoning it for my current love, The Passage, by Justin Cronin.  It was widely reviewed and raved about in Time and I had a half off coupon at Borders the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so I had to grab it.  It's been fun so far, I've still got about 400 pages left.

- I've been writing in This Frenzied State.  It's slow coming, but it feels so good.

Sorry for the double post.  It's 6am and I can't sleep.
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Okay, well, maybe when you have time, or money, or whatever, but SEE IT.

When I get paid next week I will go back and see it 3D.  So cute! So adorable!  So nicely told!  And then I will buy it on DVD.

I feel like I should be somewhat less obvious of the fact that I am squealing over a kids movie BUT IT WAS GREAT SO.

And that was your public service announcement for the day; remember kids, stay in school, only you can prevent forest fires, and you should only try hard drugs once.  Yep.
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My tooth has been really swollen for the past week, so I finally conceded that it was abscessed and told my mom. She made me go to the dentist. I pointed it out that I had no money.  She won the argument with a very loud, "MONEY DOESN'T MATTER WHEN YOU'RE DEAD."  Fair point, I give her that, so I dragged myself out early this morning to the emergency clinic.  My pretty bad insurance covers emergency visits when there's no work done, and it's too swollen right now to even do anything.  They're going to have to extract it, but I just want it to stop being infected so I don't die, so he gave me penicillin and vicodin for the pain.  He was a really sweet guy.  The last dentist I went to made me feel horrible for the way my teeth are, but this guy was totally all, "I completely understand if you haven't been able to pay for anything in the past, but you're still young, so you should try to do things when you can." Totally cool.  It doesn't even hurt, it just feels like a huge knot underneath my tooth which is annoying. But I am not going to turn down prescription painkillers, no way.  I'll need them in the future at some point, I'm certain.

There's a Lady Gage takeover on Fuse.  I love it.

I'm so sleepy.  Went to Phoenix on Saturday, really didn't do what I was went there for, but that's fine.  We watched 17 Again and Mean Girls since Mean Girls is classic~ and 17 Again was actually really cute. We were going watch Up since I haven't seen it.  Somehow we ended up getting drunk and watching Arthur. I find this completely legit.

I saw the Lovely Bones last week with my friends. I had no desire really to see it since it looked horribly depressing - surprise! It really was.  The most painful movie I've ever seen, hands down. Subjects like that just knock me in the face.  I'd lose my goddamn mind if something happened to my little brother or sister.  It was very sad.  I think it was supposed to be uplifting at the end, but I was still thoroughly depressed. Fail.

I got a cheap fedora with a peacock feather in it.  I plan on never wearing it, but I could not resist.
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This week's Glee made my life. xD

There were some things I felt were inconsistent, but it was still thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable. :)

I also need new glasses like woah.  The bottom keeps cutting into the side of my nose since the paint or whatever's come off, so it's just metal and it grates like nobody's business. Urk.  They've also been stepped on, so they're crooked, and one of my eyes always looks bigger than the other. Eee.

Did nothing today except watch SVU, read Order of the Phoenix, and then watch some crazy movie with my friends called Dark Country. Very, very odd.  Then came Glee, and I felt like making progress on the kamikaze blanket I'm attempting, so I put on the Hurt Locker.  Been meaning to watch that since the beginning of August, since it was at the local theatre here, but the showing times were weird and I have proven time and again I can sleep through multiple alarms.  Jeremy Renner stole my heart with 28 Weeks Later, and I heard good things about it.  Very disquieting, but very good.

And now it is 4:30 am. \o/

Yet another edit, but wow.  President Obama, you are a stud.

Oh my gosh

Oct. 1st, 2009 01:16 am
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I don't know if I can sleep with my light off ever again.  Paranormal Activity killed my brain.  I was driving home and looking nervously into the backseat the entire time.

It really wasn't that creepy until like, the last half hour and then it all went to hell.  -shudder- Like, there was creepy stuff before that, but it was stuff I was used to, and I was beginning to think that all the hype had killed it for me, but the end pulled through.  It was exacerbated by the fact that the theatre was sold out, like it's been every night since it opened here.  Also because everyone was screaming out loud just like I was, lol.  I went with my brother and his friend, and they've already seen it, but they were still all creeped out when we left.  There were jocks and fucking bros who were jumping left and right.  It was awesome.  It was also awesome because at the end, there's a little memo, and then the screen goes dark and you expect something to happen, but it doesn't, so my brother and his friend sort of screamed really loudly and it freaked everyone else and they started screaming too. xDDD  I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe haaah.  It was awesome. 

I normally wouldn't write about this, but I don't want to fall asleep yet. xD  In fact, I don't think I'll be falling asleep until morning, until I can get a certain visual out of my brain haha.

If you didn't know, it's a creepy, horror ghost story that was extremely low budget and right now it's only playing in thirteen cities.  Tucson is one of them. \o/  I think on Friday is comes out to more theatres, so you should definitely catch it if you can. Take a friend.  Be prepared to not sleep afterward.  A lot of people are calling it the scariest movie they've ever seen (so I read).  I don't know if it's the scariest one I've ever seen, but it is wayyy up there. 

My cat's keeping me company.  If he stayed in here the entire time while I was sleeping I think I wouldn't be so freaked out.  But oh god that mental image.... creeepyyy.

I'm also stressing the hell out over the Lal cosplay I was trying. I don't know if I'm going to be able to pull it off.  I kind of just want to scrap the whole thing but I don't know.  I just saw a picture of this really good Lal and was like CANNOT COMPARE.  Idk.  I'll think about it some.
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 I saw the Incredible Hulk tonight and omg, I'm in love.  I was so blown away.  Idk, I'm not into comics or old cartoons but I did like the movie that came out not too long, the one with Eric Bana that most everyone thought sucked (but I adored).  I like any movie-or book or anything really- that has the character experimenting on themselves, having it go awry, and then having to sacrifice to save stuff.  If that makes any sense. XD  No really, seeing a hot guy on a lab table in shackles to prevent hurt... makes me all happy inside.  I know that sounds so very wrong.  >.<  

In any case, it was summarily awesome.  In fact, it was so awesome I'm going to go searching for fic and then probably make icons cuz I'm obsessive like that.  In fact, I'll probably force someone to go see it with me again.  A few of the fight scenes were tedious and the ending was... a bit too haywire for me but I still <3 it.  

I still need to fill my icon spaces.  D:<  Lazy me is lazy.   someone needs to bootleg and screenshot this movie. NOW.

If anyone knows of any comms or has fic recs for this movie--doubtful but thought I'd try anyway-- let me know so I don't have to go running around the Pit looking for good fic.  ;)  

Edward Norton=tehsex.


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