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Aug. 11th, 2012 10:52 pm
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Is anyone else not seeing comments? I can see that there ARE comments on posts, but I can't see them. The exceptions are ONTD_political and my own journal. O.o Even when I go to the community or journal and not just look at it on my flist, I still can't see the comments, just the number of comments. It's driving me bonkers. Anyone else?
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Lost my paid account.  Until I rectify the computer situation, I probably won't renew it.  HANDY EDITING COMMENT TOOL, I DO MISS YOU HOWEVER.  /woe

We bid on new shifts.  I got a stupid shift with stupid days off.  I always get a stupid shift, but I usually get Fridays off.  Not so.  DENIED.  I'm still the last person in my bid group, so I get leftovers.  It's still a stab in the gut though.  Fail.  Next week will be my last Friday off for a very long time, so I will savor it.  And my next vacation is the week after the Lydia tour.  Trying to trade it, but with my luck that will not happen.  Two weeks of not working.  I'm actually really scared, but I'm working nearly every single day until the middle of July (in the midst of a fourteen day stretch, heyo) so I'm trying to soothe my nerves.  Not going to Texas is not an option.  It sounds stupid, but it's important to us, so I suppose it's not that stupid.

Still torn up about Lydia.  They are my band and I both excited for new music and so sad it will be over.  Life will go on.

Started replaying the first Kingdom Hearts with my little brother.  THE FACT THAT I CANNOT SKIP CUT SCENES STILL MAKES ME WANT TO KNIFE BABIES IN THE FACE. Rageeee.

So pretty

Nov. 19th, 2009 04:37 pm
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I've finally filled all my icon spots.

My paid account, will all my additional icon spots, expires next month.

I win at life! :D

Every Tuesday on USA is a Law and Order: SVU marathon and since Tuesday is the day when I have nothing to do in the morning, I'm generally up early since lol, obsessed with SVU here. For the past three months they've been pimping White Collar, and as Matt Bomer makes me melt, I finally caught up on it on Hulu. It's a light, fun show, and omg Matt Bomer, MELTMELTMELT.

New Moon comes out tonight. WHO'S PUMPED?! -shot-

No, j/k. My friend and I considered going to the midnight showing and laughing really loudly during the serious parts. We'll probably catch it in the dollar theatre, because the first movie was fucking lulzy as all hell, and even then when we were laughing the housewives in front of us were getting miffed. I think if we did that at this midnight showing we might get shot.

It might be worth it.
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I called off tomorrow morning, because I can't do this anymore.  I think I could if I had a job where I was able to sit down.  But I have to stand at all times, except when I get my half hour break, and at my first job I never even get a break.  So, I start the process of eradicating myself from my new job.  I'm skippin' town in a week.  Must get ready.

I saw Batman again last night.  Foreshadowing much?  

I am exhausted.  Tomorrow morning when I don't have jackshit to do and have slept more than five hours I need to catch up on roleplay.  And other shit.  I had like seventeen fic ideas and then I forgot them.  And I wanted to comment stuff but I'm half-delirious.  I will later.  Yes? Yes. 

And there is absolutely nothing interesting in this post.  >.<

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I bought a paid account.  I couldn't.  Resist.  Any.  Longer.  

So a lot of this will be changing while I play with layouts, make more icons, and hopefully a new header and whatnot.  We'll see if I can figure it all out though.  :)  Gonna stop with the one word titles and shi.  That was old, this is new, yadda yadda.  This is all shiny, woot.


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