Feb. 10th, 2011 05:10 am
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I've been less than pleased with Glee lately (and by lately I mean before the winter hiatus) - mostly because of it's blatant sizeism in regards to Lauren - but I feel that this week's episode made progress toward moving outside of the stereotype.  It definitely still has its issues (Glee has so many issues it will be in therapy for the rest of its life) but I like first steps.  And I like Glee, despite its many, many shortcomings.  Sometimes I can still feel that campy, underdog, "we will overcome" feeling that the pilot gave me, underneath all the spectacle and sport.
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Go Angels.

I think this series was so much more heartbreaking than last year's because we seemed to have a fantastic rhythm early in the season.  We lost Manny, which we all thought was going to devastate the team, but Juan Pierre stepped up.  We had pitching talents like Kershaw who did fine regular season. Andre Ethier gets better and better every season.  But the Phillies were just a better team, and we choked like we usually do.  We peaked too early.  

Oh well.  There's always next year.  My family has decided that whoever wins in the Yankees-Angels series is the team we'll support.  I hate the Yankees, but I cannot forgive the Phillies.  Mostly because I want to knife Shane Victorino in the fucking face. 

Basketball season's here.  Let's go Lakers. Maybe we'll repeat, and then go on to threepeat like those magical early 2000's. We can dream.

I haven't written fluff in an extremely long time, but I am now. Days made me want something cute and fluffy. The horror.

I missed Glee because I was watching the Phillies rush the field while simultaneously fervently wishing the fireworks would go haywire and kill them all.  Was it a good episode?
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Ahh, I am pumped for tonight's Glee. I try not to do spoilers/videos but I've been listening to Keep Holding On in my car and had to watch the preview video and woeee, am I intrigued.
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This week's Glee made my life. xD

There were some things I felt were inconsistent, but it was still thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable. :)

I also need new glasses like woah.  The bottom keeps cutting into the side of my nose since the paint or whatever's come off, so it's just metal and it grates like nobody's business. Urk.  They've also been stepped on, so they're crooked, and one of my eyes always looks bigger than the other. Eee.

Did nothing today except watch SVU, read Order of the Phoenix, and then watch some crazy movie with my friends called Dark Country. Very, very odd.  Then came Glee, and I felt like making progress on the kamikaze blanket I'm attempting, so I put on the Hurt Locker.  Been meaning to watch that since the beginning of August, since it was at the local theatre here, but the showing times were weird and I have proven time and again I can sleep through multiple alarms.  Jeremy Renner stole my heart with 28 Weeks Later, and I heard good things about it.  Very disquieting, but very good.

And now it is 4:30 am. \o/

Yet another edit, but wow.  President Obama, you are a stud.


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