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I am so drunk right now the world is totally spinning.


Hanging out with my surrogate older bro Josh and my bff Lisa and totally just GETTING SMASHED MAN.  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE AND I AM OKAY WITH LIFE AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU.


How do I type so well when drunk? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.
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My computer will not hook up to my internet.  I know the internet is working, I can see the signal strength, and when I click connect the box where it shows wireless networks disappears.  I had it unplugged, and I didn't notice the battery dying (even though it beeps at me annoyingly; I am so observant) and so it just upped and died. I plugged it back in, and that's when the box problem started happening. I've done everything I can think of to make it work, and it will NOT connect.  I'm using my mother's extremely horrible Dell right now to check my bank account and whatnot, and plead for help. I don't know what to dooo.  The internet withdrawals haven't set in yet - I am still horribly apathetic toward anything at the moment - but it's very useful for banking and Mapquest and other things I kind of need the net for.  My phone's only so good.


In other news, still very not cool on life right now.  I bought a pack of cigarettes.  It's pretty bad.  Okay, it's not that bad.  It's just that on nights like these, when it's gorgeous out and there are stars and I'm not sleeping and have nothing to do, I feel so pathetically lonely.

But, I am waking up to make my mom breakfast in the morning.  Making food is most definitely not my forte, but I am feeling optimistic!  If I manage to make even something not burnt, I will be so pleased with myself. xD

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I have worked twelve days in a row, and now I am off for three days and don't know what to do with myself.  HUZZAH.

It's also a day for drinking, but I am poor until Friday, so drinking may not occur too heavily.  Tomorrow I am supposed to take my friend to get her license - since she is older than me and we have discussed this for three years now. >.>  But to be fair, I moved away and we're both lazy and our days off don't match and ... I have my license, so it's not my top priority. xD  But she does not!  So we are finally getting it done. I hope.

I got into a fight with my mom last week and we're still not really talking, but I am going to make her breakfast on Sunday.  I'm looking to get a little creative, and not just the regular French toast/eggs deal.  Suggestions?  Something easy?  I am a horrible cook, but I'm adventurous, and I'd like to do something fun, so have at it.

I haven't caught up on Glee for the past two weeks yet, but I watched this week's HIMYM, and I AM DISAPPOINT.  But then I saw the new White Collar crossover promos with the other USA shows and was like OMG MATT BOMER SWOON.  /cough

I've broken down where I'd like to visit in a few weeks into a few locations: Washington, Washington, D.C., New York, New Orleans (new one), and back to San Francisco.  I've been to SFO (I have found myself constantly abbreviating city names to their major airports; curse you American Airlines and your brainwashing) a few times, but I've not been by myself, and I haven't done a lot of things I've wanted to do, like Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz.  If I end up doing this, it's going to be on an extremely tight budget, but I can make it work.  Mainly I just walk around like a tourist and take pictures with my phone.  Like, ya know, a normal tourist does.  

All in all, working has been taking my mind off how utterly miserable I was feeling.  I'd work, come home, and sleep, jump up, clean some stuff, and shoot off to work again.  Too much free time makes me a sad panda I guess.

Off to bushwhack my eyebrows.  I expect your sympathy.
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My tooth has been really swollen for the past week, so I finally conceded that it was abscessed and told my mom. She made me go to the dentist. I pointed it out that I had no money.  She won the argument with a very loud, "MONEY DOESN'T MATTER WHEN YOU'RE DEAD."  Fair point, I give her that, so I dragged myself out early this morning to the emergency clinic.  My pretty bad insurance covers emergency visits when there's no work done, and it's too swollen right now to even do anything.  They're going to have to extract it, but I just want it to stop being infected so I don't die, so he gave me penicillin and vicodin for the pain.  He was a really sweet guy.  The last dentist I went to made me feel horrible for the way my teeth are, but this guy was totally all, "I completely understand if you haven't been able to pay for anything in the past, but you're still young, so you should try to do things when you can." Totally cool.  It doesn't even hurt, it just feels like a huge knot underneath my tooth which is annoying. But I am not going to turn down prescription painkillers, no way.  I'll need them in the future at some point, I'm certain.

There's a Lady Gage takeover on Fuse.  I love it.

I'm so sleepy.  Went to Phoenix on Saturday, really didn't do what I was went there for, but that's fine.  We watched 17 Again and Mean Girls since Mean Girls is classic~ and 17 Again was actually really cute. We were going watch Up since I haven't seen it.  Somehow we ended up getting drunk and watching Arthur. I find this completely legit.

I saw the Lovely Bones last week with my friends. I had no desire really to see it since it looked horribly depressing - surprise! It really was.  The most painful movie I've ever seen, hands down. Subjects like that just knock me in the face.  I'd lose my goddamn mind if something happened to my little brother or sister.  It was very sad.  I think it was supposed to be uplifting at the end, but I was still thoroughly depressed. Fail.

I got a cheap fedora with a peacock feather in it.  I plan on never wearing it, but I could not resist.
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For Christmas my grandfather says he is going to buy me a radar detector.


Currently watching the Matrix and drinking coffee. The Matrix used to be my life. Seriously. I tried to make peppermint tea with an old peppermint but it did not come out so well. I put a dab of chocolate syrup in my coffee for experimentation and I did not like it. I need Baileys. Though I'd probably put a lot more than a dab if I had that, orz.
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For my birthday my grandparents are buying me much needed new tires for my car. \o/

I think this is what it feels like when you get older and people start buying you what you need, as opposed to what you want.

I just better not start getting, like, toasters and fine silverware.  I don't know if I could handle that. 

I have about 60k saved up for my restaurant on Facebook.  I wish it was that easy to save in real life yo.  I'm waiting until I hit about 100k to spend it and make it all pretty.  Apparently most of my friends only ever have about 10k in their banks at one time.  Those bitches, don't they know how to save? Silly children.

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So the past few days were full of fail in Texas.  At one point we had over 2000 calls on hold.  If there's bad weather in Dallas it affects our entire system since that's our hub.  Hence hundreds of stranded people.  Poor kids.  We also laid off over 1500 people this week.  Not me, or any in any other reservations office.  Which is good, for me at least, not so good for my fellow employees elsewhere.  Sadface.  Weather's calmed down, but I got some mad overtime in.  Hellza yea.

Also, some guy (presumably an agent/groupie/someone) called to extend a reservation for Nicole Richie and when I did it he hung up and thanked me and then went, "I appreciate it, and so does Nicole."  Pause.  "Well, thanks for calling American, have a good day."  Pause.  "Oh. Okay, bye."

Like I was supposed to explode into soapy bubbles of joy?  I lol'd.  He also extended the reservation for her father and son (Harlow Madden. He belongs to that Good Charlotte guy I think) and her nanny.. who sat in coach.  While they sat in first.  Which I guess makes sense but it seemed kinda cold to me.  Her nanny totally had a name some weird exotic Russian name too.  Idk, I'm still lol'ing over the whole ordeal.

Oh, haz a kitty picture which inspired the crack below.  He's cute when he wants to be.  Most time he's antisocial, avoids me, and then gets weird moods where he lets me pet him and then totally bites me.  Idk, he also only has one ear so his name is EJ.  Evander Junior.  Yea, that's totally bad taste, good job adoption agency people.


Been rewatching the second season of himym.  I've been feeling like a bum lately when I'm not working.

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 I want to bury myself with a shovel.

I have to work nineteen hours each day for the next three days. At least I'll be so tired I won't have the energy to feel anything.  :-/ 


Jun. 5th, 2008 08:03 pm
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Me:  I'm sick.

Dad: It's because you don't eat meat!

......haaaah.  >.<


Mar. 20th, 2008 01:41 pm
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I was supposed  to go see my grandparents when they dropped off the kids and I was going to miss my two later classes.  They want to hightail it out of here though so I didn't get to see them. ;__;  I'm all hormonal and emotional right now so it made me feel all awful.  And I'm tired so I just blew off my two later classes.  Which is okay, I've not missed one of those yet.  It's my first class I have trouble getting to.  >.<

So I'm going to lounge and do nothing-- it's like my first day off without work or school or any obligations in awhile, not counting those days during spring break when I was driving around like a maniac trying to squeeze everyone I wanted to see in a three day period.  I'm going to try and put in some applications to a couple of jobs and then later I'm going to go to work and have Lola give me some... of whatever medicine she wants to give me.  It's all... Mexican folklore but we'll see if it works hah. Then I'm going to check out the Whole Foods, since I've never been there and it should be all vegetarian friendly.  

When I used to get stressed, I craved cigarattes.  In the almost two months since I've been on a vegetarian diet, now I crave a hamburger.  Haha.  Hopefully they'll have some of that Morningstar ish since Walmart fails at that.  Epicly.  

SO MY INCREDIBLY SHORT FLIST, any recommendations on vegetarian food?  I could look this up easily, but if anyone reads this then it's always good to have personal recommendations.  ^^

Also probably going to take part in this strike thing going on.  *shrugs*  I don't really get it, but oh well.  Cutting off contact with eljay for a little while is probably a good thing.  Maybe I'll accomplish something.  ^^


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