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I should be doing something productive.  I'm trying to work on what I'm working on. 

Like that made any sense.

Whatever, I wrote a drabble you can see here.

It is 238 words of complete nothing!  Nothing! NOTHING!

I have Luke and Axel at [ profile] a_facility  now.  Does that equal productive?

Also, I did bake the cookies.  They are downstairs.  Still on the fence if I should take them to our new neighbors or not. I don't know how to tell them I'm not trying to poison their children without sounding like I really am.  My mom says they'll think I'm a freak.  Other people think it would be a nice gesture full of good will!  I'm more on the "they'll think I'm a freak" side, but Idk.

I also don' t know how it happens but every other song on my iTunes shuffle is Lydia and that is utterly fantastic.

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... I'm going to find a layout that I like even if it kills me.

Wtf, heat.  ;__;

Drabble fic I wrote last night: (I am a fake cut, fwee)  

The challenge was Ink.  ..... there's really only one way to go when you have a challenge like that.  I'm a banner maker for that comm now, as well.  FWEE PHOTOSHOP SKILLZ NEED PRACTICIN.  Blrgh, I'm unintelligent today.

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Right, so it's.... weekly drabble time again. O.o  I haven't written one of these in about a month I think but this prompt was.... delicious?  Idk.  This one is retreating back to.... rambling on and on about nothing and having no real purpose.  >.< But, it is something different than zombies and rabbits.    And by the way, my harddrive is on the way out.  I got the Blue Screen of Death earlier.  So if I disappear, that's why.  *headesk*

(I'm a fake cut to the drabble comm, wheeee)

 And in other news, I have to buy a dress tomorrowO.O  that's right.  a dress.  Be prepared.  This shit is going to get beserk up in herrr.
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Really, really short drabble (348 words).  It has Sora and pretty much only Sora.  Rather rambly.  I thought about making it longer, but I figured anything else I could do to it would only increase the rambly-ness of it by like, twelve hundred.  So whatev.

(Fake cut is fake, and to the drabble community I go.) 
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It's that weekly drabble challenge time again.  This one is Underappreciated Characters. Aka, this one has no Axel or Roxas. O.o  Enter: squirrels on crack.  Okay, not really crack, but squirrels.  My hamster got me thinking.  Anyway.  Drabble time break  it down, dun dun dun dun.

(I am a fake cut and go somewhere that is not underneath this cut, but only in your head baha).
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 Wrote this for the KH Drabble Community, the challenge was Identity.  Only about 350 words or so, really short, and in this really weird second-narrative style I've not really used before. O.o  It's Roxas-centric.  Cuz I love Roxas and it suited the challenge.. I mean, identity, you can't do much more than Roxas or Sora for that.  Okay, well, maybe you could but I see Identity and I go ROXAS BABY.

In any case,

(This fake cut goes to the drabble place yo)


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