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That is all. :D

I lied, that's not all. I have no idea what happened.  I hadn't turned on my computer in a few days and I wanted to update my iPod with some new playlists, so I turned it on and I noticed the connection button was showing that it was... connecting.  I opened Firefox, held my breath and closed my eyes, and IT CONNECTED.  I have no idea what happened, but I'm dancing around happy anyway.  I don't even know what to do with myself!  I have to catch up on Glee and HIMYM (there are a few episodes in each I didn't catch) and remember what I used to do on the internet before it stopped working in May.  I've been watching Dr. Who on BBC America whenever I can catch it, and how I adore Eleven and Amy.  So cute!  So I want to start watching that cycle soon.  There's music I need to download and jobs I need to apply for and this makes it just so much easier.  Oh Firefox, I missed you~

There's something I want to do concerning Lydia and song meanings and summer songs, but that will be another post for another time.  I just wanted to TALK IN BIG LETTERS about my laptop working again.  She is officially Zombie Computer.  Since she came back from the dead after two months.  Huzzah!  I'm going to renew my paid account when I'm done with tour, so probably not til August.  I don't have a very joyous icon right now, I'll need to fix that. THIS IS A JOYOUS EVENT.  Thank you for the comments on my last post.  I hope I can start replying more now that I have steady access to the net.  :)

In unrelated but related news, we had the walkthrough of the hotel for Saboten today.  It's beautiful.  My area is nice and out front and has lots of light and a nice tiled floor and glass doors.   It also has a gazillion balconies, so I'm terrified some idiot kid is going to take a swan dive off one while trying to get an ~epic picture or something equally stupid, but it's pretty.  And has a water park.  SOMETIMES IN LIFE THE BENEFITS JUST OUTWEIGH THE RISKS. 
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My computer's still alive but my mom got a new router and now it won't connect.

Goddamnit.  Happy holidays gaiz. <3

Well nice

Jun. 22nd, 2008 02:06 pm
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 My computer got the blue screen of hibernation death last night.  Idk.  It was stuck on the blue "preparing to hibernate" screen for hours and hours.  Took out the battery, turned it back on, same story.  So I unplugged it and let it die and went to bed and when I woke up an hour ago I turned it back on.  Still on the same blue screen.  I let it sit for about half an hour and quite suddenly it restarted itself.

Everything is running and working fine... which is pretty nice.  Still, youknow, worried about it since it's been acting funny but idk.  I haven't been backing up my stuff lately...but it's not like I've been writing anything of major importance lately that needs backing up. >,<  In any case, that was...not so fun.  

At least I have a Sidekick now.  Superphone is pretty handy when your computer is being wonky.


Mar. 9th, 2008 12:30 pm
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 My computer went into Super Frozen Mode yesterday night.  It was weird, I had the battery unplugged for some reason and so it started to warn me that it needed power so I jumped up and plugged it in and first it wouldn't register that it was charging.  And then it registered that it was charging and then it was froze.  For hours.  

I don't even have Mitch's number anymore so I was freaking out because everytime something goes wrong with my computer I talk to him since he's brilliant and has helped me out with it more times than I can count.  We cleaned up my startup configuration (I think... idk) and some other programs I didn't need so maybe that was it.  A few hours later it was still frozen so I unplugged it and closed it and hoped that the battery would die-- because it wasn't even working when I pressed the switch.

And thankfully it's working now but I'm paranoid and putting everything worth saving on my flash drive.  

It would have really sucked if it had completely frozen and I turned it on right now and it was still on the screen I was on when it froze.  Then I would have had to take it in for someone to look at.  And that would be embarassing.  

I'm sure there are more embarassing things than having some random computer guy read the porn that you  were writing, but I think it ranks just about up there. >.<


Feb. 17th, 2008 01:59 pm
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I just checked my bank account and I'm going to have enough money to pay my car payment AND my cell phone bill on time with some left over.  And then I'm going to have to conserve a little bit because next month is going to be painful if I don't get my tax refund back in the next three weeks, which my mother says should happen.  But this is weird. O.o  Having money to pay the rent, the car payment, the car insurance, and the cell phone bill.

Ah, I need a better job.  Geesus, you make me broke.

Last night I rampaged cleaned my computer.  Deleted a ton of pictures, moved a ton to my flashdrive, organized the rest, organized my zillions of documents into some type of order, deleted some of those I was nearly sure I didn't want anymore (it's hard for me to delete anything I write... because I like going back and comparing), cleaned up my desktop, deleted programs, got rid of two of the four anti-virus software that my computer apparently has, and then Mitch gave me a program to clean up even more.  So now my computer is running a lot faster. I changed my background finally.  No more Geesus.  It's been more than a year.

It's Roxas. *snicker*

And we are now in the process of obtaining for me Microsoft Office 2007.  It was five thirty am by this time however so I was falling asleep at the keyboard so we decided to try again later.  Pay for that ridiculously overpriced program or steal it?  I have no moral qualms about stealing ( at least software.... how else to get Photoshop CS3?).  Does this make me a bad person?  Oh welllz.  I like Word 2007.  deaaaaal.


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