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I called Wal-mart at midnight to see if they had a copy, since the book places around here suck, but they didn't.  I was so sure they would that I go super psyched for it, and when they didn't I stamped home all huffy and was going to watch trashy dramas about Europeans (aka the Tudors) on Netflix, and then someone leaked a PDF copy on Tumblr. <3 Oh Tumblr I fucking love you.

It is now 6am and I spent the past four hours reading from my computer.  I'm still planning on going to get the hardcover copy today (so I can clutch it and hold it and whisper soothing things to it), but mannn. 

I cried about three times.  I AM NOT ASHAMED.

My mind is all kinds of trippy.  I really don't even know what to say.  Just.  Yea.

I guess, after all that, I don't know why they call them kids books.  This book totally has the capability to mess up a child. 

I fucking love it.
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I'm so tired.  Two hours of sleep, and work at 8 in the morning, which is ridiculous for me.  And then  I had a bad start to the night yesterday, but my friends came down from Phoenix and we rocked this place like nobody's business.  I have new hair.  It's exhilarating.

I didn't get later today off, though I so dearly wanted it.  Of course there's weather.  OF COURSE THERE'S WEATHER, THIS IS THE WINTER OF NEVERENDING FUCKING WEATHER EVERYWHERE.  It's ruining my life and I'm not even in it.  Man.  Come on spring, be nice.  Before we get summer, and thunderstorms.  Sigh. 

Con in a week.  I'm supposed to be writing something right now.  But I can't focus and I'm so sleepy and so I think I'll give up.

I've been making guacamole like nobody's business.  I used to hate the stuff, and now I just want to bathe in it.

Nonsensical is nonsensical, and I'm really quite an idiot but we'll get over that eventually.

I need more tea.
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When you feel like dying you might want to sing.

I do that, and then pay someone to ram a needle through my nose.  Re-pierced the septum.  And then promptly lost the ball for the hoop.  Classic.

I have been feeling so not like myself.  Sad for no reason and useless.  I think this helps.


Feb. 15th, 2010 02:21 am
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I am so very sad lately and I don't know why.

That had nothing to do with today.  To clarify. I never care about Valentine's Day.

It'll go away because I am not wired to continuously be sad, but right now my teeth are hurting so I am going to take a vicodin and sleep myself into a coma. 

Hope you all had lovely days. ^^
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Brb going to Chicago.

I should be back tonight; the load factors, however, are very heavy. I'm using a priority pass but I still may get kicked.  Let us hope they have clean sidewalks in Chicago, yes?  ^^


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