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Dec. 4th, 2010 05:50 am
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I haven't talked about fandom in forever! I realized that while I was dozing and for some reason it wouldn't leave me alone, the things I've been reading/watching the past few months, so!  Here they are:

- Anime/Japanese thing wise .... pretty much zilch.  I've stayed current and hip with the KH fandom and the new KH games, but as I haven't played Birth By Sleep, I haven't really ventured into looking at fic for it.  You would think for someone who organizes anime conventions that I would be more in tune with anime... but not really.  I mean, I'm pretty good at what's hip with the rest of the world, I just don't watch/read it lately.  I fail.

-TV shows.  Now that's a whole new matter entirely.  I banged through three seasons of Skins (will get to the fourth eventually).  Banged through all six seasons of Weeds.  Am on episode 4 of the Walking Dead.  Misfits is my next adventure.  Watched all of Matt Smith's run as the Doctor (I love Matt Smith, I cannot deny).  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on my backburner, as it's been demanded by my friends that I watch it.  Will be marathoning all three seasons of Arrested Development on the 12th.  Am current on Glee and How I Met Your Mother.  I did horrible and only saw two episodes of this last season of White Collar, which I need to fix because Matt Bomer is beautiful.

- I watched the Human Centipede. It was not as terrifying as I was anticipating.  Have seen Harry Potter, Paranormal Activity 2, and Tangled lately in the theatre.  Watched Love Actually repeatedly in the past few weeks.  Have watched How to Train Your Dragon repeatedly as well - that movie is my life.

- Musically, it's been all My Chemical Romance and Courtney Marie Andrews lately.  I went to a Margot and the Nuclear So and So's show last month and couldn't get in since it was sold out, so my sister and I camped in the parking lot and listened to from the car.  Despite it being freezing, it was actually pretty awesome. No obnoxious idiots to compete with.  Dear and the Headlights broke up, which has been bumming me out.  I missed a Pierce the Veil show this last Sunday and I'm kicking myself over it.  They'll be back in Tucson in January, so I'm hoping (foolishly) I might get to that show.  But mostly, just MCR and Courtney Marie.  You should listen, girl sounds like an angel.  Don't let the folk/bluegrass label fool you.  Start with Oak Creek.

- Bookwise, I've been pretty tame.  I'm on and off again reading the Locke and Key series - it's a graphic novel series written by Joe Hill, who is Stephen King's son and wrote the only book that's scared me in recent memory, Heart Shaped Box.  I'm still really obsessed with the Hunger Games series, which I guess you could say is my biggest fandom at the moment.  I was mostly re-reading things I've had, though I made a decent effort at The Bell Jar, before abandoning it for my current love, The Passage, by Justin Cronin.  It was widely reviewed and raved about in Time and I had a half off coupon at Borders the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so I had to grab it.  It's been fun so far, I've still got about 400 pages left.

- I've been writing in This Frenzied State.  It's slow coming, but it feels so good.

Sorry for the double post.  It's 6am and I can't sleep.
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Just kind of smacked me in the face that in just about a month I'll be living in Phoenix again.  So much to do. 

Envy on the Coast is breaking up. :(  It's the summer of bands I love breaking up.  So bummed I didn't go to the last show in Phoenix.  Just like... man.  Lowcountry feels so different than Lucy Gray, and I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but good lord, it's just so raw.  Ryan Hunter, marry

Also finally caught the White Collar S2 premiere.  EPIC I SAY, EPIC.

And now, songs.

Now I swallow anything that reminds me I am temporary )
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I have worked twelve days in a row, and now I am off for three days and don't know what to do with myself.  HUZZAH.

It's also a day for drinking, but I am poor until Friday, so drinking may not occur too heavily.  Tomorrow I am supposed to take my friend to get her license - since she is older than me and we have discussed this for three years now. >.>  But to be fair, I moved away and we're both lazy and our days off don't match and ... I have my license, so it's not my top priority. xD  But she does not!  So we are finally getting it done. I hope.

I got into a fight with my mom last week and we're still not really talking, but I am going to make her breakfast on Sunday.  I'm looking to get a little creative, and not just the regular French toast/eggs deal.  Suggestions?  Something easy?  I am a horrible cook, but I'm adventurous, and I'd like to do something fun, so have at it.

I haven't caught up on Glee for the past two weeks yet, but I watched this week's HIMYM, and I AM DISAPPOINT.  But then I saw the new White Collar crossover promos with the other USA shows and was like OMG MATT BOMER SWOON.  /cough

I've broken down where I'd like to visit in a few weeks into a few locations: Washington, Washington, D.C., New York, New Orleans (new one), and back to San Francisco.  I've been to SFO (I have found myself constantly abbreviating city names to their major airports; curse you American Airlines and your brainwashing) a few times, but I've not been by myself, and I haven't done a lot of things I've wanted to do, like Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz.  If I end up doing this, it's going to be on an extremely tight budget, but I can make it work.  Mainly I just walk around like a tourist and take pictures with my phone.  Like, ya know, a normal tourist does.  

All in all, working has been taking my mind off how utterly miserable I was feeling.  I'd work, come home, and sleep, jump up, clean some stuff, and shoot off to work again.  Too much free time makes me a sad panda I guess.

Off to bushwhack my eyebrows.  I expect your sympathy.
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Thoughts about the White Collar finale )

And all those analytical thoughts aside, FUCKING A MAN, WAS NEAL GORGEOUS SCULPTING OR FUCKING WHAT?  WITH THE HAT AND THE COAT AND FLAILLL. ♥♥  I fucking love intense Peter.  Those eyes!  And-and-and that last fucking line man, oh my god, I fucking swear, I was holding my hands over my mouth and kicking my legs back and forth agitatedly and just a messssss.  For the love of god man:

"You said goodbye to everyone but me.  Why?"
"I don't know."
"Yeah you do.  Tell me."
"I don't know! Peter..."
"You know why!"
"Tell me!" 
"Because you're the only one who could change my mind!"

For real?  I was FULLY expecting: "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU" to come out of his mouth.  Oh man.  Damn I love these two. ♥  

I drove to Phoenix today, had Thai food, spent some time with some good people I love, and saw a damn good Barcelona show and now there's a cat playing with my hair.  Day well spent.

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/fangirling. I haven't fangirled in forever.  Jesus Christ man.  I can't wait for next week.  Well I probably can, because then the season's over and that's so sad, but ahhh, intense.

So pretty

Nov. 19th, 2009 04:37 pm
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I've finally filled all my icon spots.

My paid account, will all my additional icon spots, expires next month.

I win at life! :D

Every Tuesday on USA is a Law and Order: SVU marathon and since Tuesday is the day when I have nothing to do in the morning, I'm generally up early since lol, obsessed with SVU here. For the past three months they've been pimping White Collar, and as Matt Bomer makes me melt, I finally caught up on it on Hulu. It's a light, fun show, and omg Matt Bomer, MELTMELTMELT.

New Moon comes out tonight. WHO'S PUMPED?! -shot-

No, j/k. My friend and I considered going to the midnight showing and laughing really loudly during the serious parts. We'll probably catch it in the dollar theatre, because the first movie was fucking lulzy as all hell, and even then when we were laughing the housewives in front of us were getting miffed. I think if we did that at this midnight showing we might get shot.

It might be worth it.


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