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I've really, really been wanting to replay Tales of the Abyss lately.  I've done KH2 twice; granted that second playthrough was mostly me running around with Roxas (obligatory ;_______; ) to prolong letting him faaade away (obligatory ;________; ) and it was only like thirty hours, whereas Abyss was actually hard and took me over fifty.  It's ... long. 

I think I'll start again after California and after the 6th, when things in this house go back to normal.  I'm not really getting anywhere with Symphonia; I'm just... not ... interested.  I'm trying to be.  But Collete annoys me.  Lloyd is okay, but he doesn't make up for Collete. >.<   Luke didn't annoy me as much in the beginning; of course, he has pretty red hair to offset it.  Idk.

Car's still busted up and sitting in town somewhere and I'm still broke.  But it's better today.


Feb. 19th, 2009 04:30 pm
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It took me 53 hours, 34 minutes, and 23 seconds but I finished it.

I sort of wanted to cry at the end.  I probably would have, because I cry at everything because I'm a little bitch, but my brothers were with me and that's just not cool.

It was very, very lovely.  In a very pure sense of the word.

Ok, that's all, I'm back in the real world now.  I expect to be on my computer and roleplaying a ton more now.  Until I find Tales of Symphonia that is.

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All I have to say is....

WTF ANISE?!!11!!?

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Goddamnit I really need to falling in love with every video game and/or anime that comes my way. 
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To fill the void left in my life at the death of my computer, I started playing Tales of the Abyss because re:COM and I do not get along at all.  Cloud can suck it.  Hard.

Other than being fascinated by another red-haired jerk, I've been doing nothing except getting trashed and finding reasons to stick needles in my face.  See, this is why I need a computer. It saves me from self-destruction.  It's for the better of mankind.  Really now.


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