Apr. 23rd, 2008 04:07 am
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 This whole thing in its entirety can be found here.

Edit: fixed the pictures.  Should all fit now.  Picture heavy kids. 

In any case:

.... I obviously have no life.

And why the fuck did I think Hillary Clinton was spelled with one L?  I'm sorry for the stupid.  In fact I might as well be sorry for this entire post.  Bahahahaha. 


Mar. 16th, 2008 03:11 am
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I want to make something amazing and it isn't happening.  I'm going out of my head trying to put this down and it's not working.  I'm not okay with this. 


Mar. 7th, 2008 09:57 pm
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 I'm feeling creatively stunted and I don't know why.  >.<  I also want to play my Roxas-saved game but I don't think I have the emotional capacity for that just right now.  

Funny story, today I got up to go to the high school and watch those kids take their quarter finals (bitches) and do some of my service hours and for once I actually have time to grab coffee so I'm all nearly out the door and then work calls and is all "You were supposed to be here twelve minutes ago!" O.o  I always work Friday nights, not mornings, so I assumed I worked tonight...nope, this morning.  So I was an hour late.  Lame.

And it's Friday night and I don't know what to do because I never have Friday nights off.  Icons=/= working.  Writing=/= working either.  So I will... do nothing and probably play a game or try to watch a movie and finally drink my goddamn soup that I've been meaning to drink for the past three days, since I am far too broke and more than lazy enough to wander out and get anything else.  I want Olive Garden, someone buy me Olive Garden. 

So I suppose I'm writing this up because I'm bored.  And I want to do something engaging, or at least create something stimulating but it's not happening at the moment.  I feel all pent up and frustrated, lovely.  I guess I can take Willow out of her cage and watch her run around mindlessly for a little while.  I'll probably end up taking out the trash later.


I will NOT dye my hair.

Goddamnit, this is why I have to be busy/asleep/doing something at all times.



Feb. 19th, 2008 01:05 am
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 So I killed a roach in the bathroom, threw it in the toilet to flush it, and it started to crawl up through the wadded toilet paper.  It kind of stuck its little head out and I imagined it was glaring at me, so I taunted it with "Got it memorized?", shook my hips like I'm some type of sexy Shakira or something, and then flushed it.  

And now I'm unrealistically and stupidly afraid its roach breathren are going to storm my apartment because that damn motherfucker did have it memorized and told its little friends on the way down.  I mean, it's not that hard, there's already millions of them inside the walls.  I swear I'm not afraid to kill them anymore.  When I moved in here I would run shrieking.  Now I'm just like... goddamnit motherfucker, you're going to fucking die, say your fucking prayers.  But oh well.  

Pierce the Veil tomorrow tonight!  Woot.  And there is another MCR date in Vegas.  It's the Tempe-Tucson-Vegas-Vegas tour.  TTVV.  Four days, and then we ship it out to California.

And goddamn, I wonder why I never have any money.


Feb. 11th, 2008 10:43 am
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I swear my life would be easier if I slept more.  I've gotten five hours of sleep in the past forty eight.  


I went to bed, and then got up, and started to write a crack story.  I don't realy know the true definition of a crack story, but I feel like I'm on crack, so we'll call it that.  I've never really tried crack. /disclaimer.  I don't even really know what it's about.  It's kind of rambling.  LIKE EVERTHING ELSE I EVER DO.




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