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If you ever call me, please, for the love of all things good and pretty, do not tell me you want to be "departuring" from Los Angeles to DFW, and then continuously use it throughout the entire drawn out, painful, annoying conversation.

Seriously woman, how many times do I have to emphasize departing?   My head. 

Anyway, all the input on that last matter was really sweet.  I'm personally in the Roxas's camp, but I don't think there's one right answer.  It's English, after all.  But it was cool to see what everyone else thought.  Since I do not commonly have these types of conversations with people who I see daily.  Though I guess that would be kind of cool too.  Though I didn't realize I could vote in my own poll so I just did right now and the Roxas's win.  The rest of you can suck it!  ;)

My friend at work booked a ticket for Tommy Lasorta.  The same person who booked a ticket for Snoop Dogg. I want to kick her in the shins.

If you're a fan of indie, folkish, ambient-ish music, you should check out the Honey Trees. I love them.

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Go Angels.

I think this series was so much more heartbreaking than last year's because we seemed to have a fantastic rhythm early in the season.  We lost Manny, which we all thought was going to devastate the team, but Juan Pierre stepped up.  We had pitching talents like Kershaw who did fine regular season. Andre Ethier gets better and better every season.  But the Phillies were just a better team, and we choked like we usually do.  We peaked too early.  

Oh well.  There's always next year.  My family has decided that whoever wins in the Yankees-Angels series is the team we'll support.  I hate the Yankees, but I cannot forgive the Phillies.  Mostly because I want to knife Shane Victorino in the fucking face. 

Basketball season's here.  Let's go Lakers. Maybe we'll repeat, and then go on to threepeat like those magical early 2000's. We can dream.

I haven't written fluff in an extremely long time, but I am now. Days made me want something cute and fluffy. The horror.

I missed Glee because I was watching the Phillies rush the field while simultaneously fervently wishing the fireworks would go haywire and kill them all.  Was it a good episode?
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358/2 spoilers up until day 351, observations, yep. So close, so close. )

I'm coming down to the end of it now. I'm really sort of scared.  Not of anything I have to fight necessarily, just that it's going to be over and then I will be without a Kingdom Hearts game, sob.

The Phillies beat the Dodgers today and if they win again tomorrow I am going to go to Philadelphia and throw marshmallows at the Liberty Bell.  Suck it, Philadelphia, suck it.

In the continuing saga of "Texas fails," I called to see if I could set up a payment plan for my ticket since the mumbling old man judge got all fussy and said he wouldn't give me an extension beyond a week, and when I called, he informed me that he had given me an extension for more than a week. O.o  o.O Allriiighty then. I wish I could record stuff from my phone, because if my license gets suspended because he can't remember what he had for breakfast yesterday, I am going to drown myself. 

Well, not really, but you get the picture. >.>

Also, check out my new icon. His name is Jeremy Renner, and I am going to marry him.  It was a tossup between him and James McAvoy and I decided on longevity and I've loved him since 28 Weeks Later, so.  It is going to be a small wedding, and you are all invited, but you bring your own drinks, and if I catch you macking on my husband, so help me god I will kill you.  So. Help. Me. God.


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I have been working on this goddamn story for the past week and nothing I do makes me happy. I picked up four hours tomorrow morning and then I have two hours between starting my regular shift and goddamnit, I am getting coffee, sitting in McDonald's, listening to Audrye Sessions, AND AM GOING TO MAKE SOMETHING FREAKING WORK.  /rage

On Tuesday since it's lopped off work day where I have more freedom in the morning I will be attempting to dye my cape in the backyard.  This will either end A) beautifully, B) painfully, or C) with my dog ending up purple colored and not the cape, Idek.  I guess I could put him in his pen, but I don't know if I'd rather see him cry until I was finished, or purple.  The novelty of a purple dog is appealing, but somehow I don't think very humane.  Or it's just AWESOME.  I can't buy the wig until next paycheck but I've been staring at it dreamily just about every day lately. 

My Dodgers are coming down to the post-season wire (October is such an awesome, fun month, filled with playoff games and Halloween) and I talked to James Worthy the other day and nearly freaked out on the phone.  For those who don't know (which is everyone), James Worthy was a Lakers player (that's basketball).  He retired in 1994 and I was five years old and my earliest memories are watching Lakers games and cheering for Worthy.  It's funny the things we remember from being little.  But then again, my entire family consists of psycho Lakers fans, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. In any case, it made my day.

I keep trying to mess around with my layout and I've got it mostly the way I want it, but I'm failing at finding a header and since I'm far too lazy to steal buy Photoshop like a nice person, I just yoinked someone else's.  Need to fix that.  

I have been doing crochet at work since [ profile] mekkisry  showed me how.  I'm either working on A) a scarf, B) a race car track, or C) a mishapen lump.  It's supposed to be A, but the other two options are also showing really, really likely at the moment.


Jun. 15th, 2009 03:08 am
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My bbys won the NBA title today.  Hooray!

Yea I know nobody cares about sports, but I grew up in LA and they're my team. Seriously, this is like a family affair. My entire family gets batshit at Laker games on tv, you don't want to hear the crazy volume that is achieved in the living room during a game.



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