Dec. 20th, 2010 12:52 am
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Ugh, making cookies and splurging on the dough.  I feel sick.  It tastes so good though.  I had some curry soup earlier too.  The mixture is not making my stomach the happiest.  But so good!
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Okay, well, maybe when you have time, or money, or whatever, but SEE IT.

When I get paid next week I will go back and see it 3D.  So cute! So adorable!  So nicely told!  And then I will buy it on DVD.

I feel like I should be somewhat less obvious of the fact that I am squealing over a kids movie BUT IT WAS GREAT SO.

And that was your public service announcement for the day; remember kids, stay in school, only you can prevent forest fires, and you should only try hard drugs once.  Yep.
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One of my headlights is out AGAIN.  I just had it replaced a few months ago.  I do not understand.  Since it was St. Patrick's Day, we went downtown and I ended up deciding not to drink, since I was driving - though really, I didn't want to spend money on overpriced beer.  I have really learned I am so not cut out for any normal social event.  Seriously.  The awkward, it's painful.

And then while driving drunk people home, I got pulled over. D: My life flashed before my eyes.  And it was a nice lady who told me my headlight was out.  She asked for my license and then immediately went "KIMBERLY, HOW MUCH HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?"  And I was just like "D< WTF LADY I HAVEN'T BEEN DRINKING."  Well, I spluttered like nobody's business.  And then my drunk people started profusely slobbering out "SHE HASN'T BEEN DRINKING, SHE'S OUR DD. D<."  So she let me go.  Without even a fix it ticket, which was great, and she warned me to be careful, since there were going to be a lot of drunk people on the streets.

And then I turned the corner and get three blocks and I GET PULLED OVER AGAIN.  For the same headlight.  This time it was a nice guy cop, and I'd already had my registration and insurance and license out from the first time.  And then my drunk people again started 'SHE HASN'T BEEN DRINKING!!1!"  And he's all, "Ah, you're the DD, atta girl, I wish more people were like you" and then my drunk people were all "WE LOVE YOUUUU MISTER OFFICERRR" and he laughed and told me to be careful and to fix my headlight. And then walked away and they were still all "WE LOVE YOUUU" so he shouted back "I LOVE YOU TOO."  It was great.  No tickets!  But, I imagine on St. Patrick's Day cops have better things to be doing than giving tickets to people with broken headlights, especially if those people are not drunk and carting around drunken people safely.

And that was my first legal St. Patrick's Day.  I did an Irish carbomb later, and was not impressed.  I stopped later and bought some wine for myself.  This being 21 thing and buying alcohol legally without having to skulk outside of Wal-mart waiting for someone else to buy it for you never gets old.


Jan. 12th, 2010 01:10 am
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I fangirled so hard the people around me were like, what's wrong with you? And I was just like, I'M FLAILING, LEAVE ME ALONE.  And then continued to flail forever and am still flailing.  I just love him omg.  Now if I could only talk to Jeremy Renner my life would be complete.  But omggg, James McAvoy ahhh.

Ok, I'm done. 
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I don't know how this happened, but instead of saying or writing "totally" I'm using "totes."

Oh my gosh, wuttttt. 

Also, The Hurt Locker comes out on Tuesday. MY BABY.
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Spending New Years Eve with [ profile] mekkisry . So far so good and awesome! I'm drinking plum wine we got from the Asian market.  I feel tipsy in a non tipsy way.  But being tipsy always makes me type well.  We also just had mac and cheese and then ran outside and threw firecrackers at the ground.  We win at life!  Also watched Paranormal Activity.  And are actively ghost hunting her house.  Come on ghosties, grace us with your presence!

For this year I am excited for: 

-- Going back to school
-- Some super spiffy cons
-- Going back to school
-- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pt 1
-- Relationships.  Lots and lots of other relationships.
--  Writing more.  
-- New MCR album
-- New Lydia album
-- New Envy on the Coast album
-- Getting to go to Pride in Phoenix.
-- Phoenix.
--  Birth By Sleep
--  Going back to school
--  Still being alive

Happy New Years guys.  Celebrate with some plum wine and mac and cheese.  It's the little things.  I love you all

Let's go plum wine.  Yeaaaa boyyyy.  Also tried some durian cake.  Can you say wtf?  I can.  WTF I SAY WTF.


So pretty

Nov. 19th, 2009 04:37 pm
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I've finally filled all my icon spots.

My paid account, will all my additional icon spots, expires next month.

I win at life! :D

Every Tuesday on USA is a Law and Order: SVU marathon and since Tuesday is the day when I have nothing to do in the morning, I'm generally up early since lol, obsessed with SVU here. For the past three months they've been pimping White Collar, and as Matt Bomer makes me melt, I finally caught up on it on Hulu. It's a light, fun show, and omg Matt Bomer, MELTMELTMELT.

New Moon comes out tonight. WHO'S PUMPED?! -shot-

No, j/k. My friend and I considered going to the midnight showing and laughing really loudly during the serious parts. We'll probably catch it in the dollar theatre, because the first movie was fucking lulzy as all hell, and even then when we were laughing the housewives in front of us were getting miffed. I think if we did that at this midnight showing we might get shot.

It might be worth it.
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For Christmas my grandfather says he is going to buy me a radar detector.


Currently watching the Matrix and drinking coffee. The Matrix used to be my life. Seriously. I tried to make peppermint tea with an old peppermint but it did not come out so well. I put a dab of chocolate syrup in my coffee for experimentation and I did not like it. I need Baileys. Though I'd probably put a lot more than a dab if I had that, orz.
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I'm about to get slightly nerdy.[Poll #1482183][Poll #1482183]I don't really think that was the best way to word that question, but hopefully you get my point.  

I got a review that went something like "Though there's one little error that everyone makes, but it kinda irks me. There were a few times that you typed Roxas's when it's supposed to be Roxas'. It's no biggy, I've seen everyone make that mistake, but I just thought I'd point it out. :3"

Now I love helpful reviews as much as the next person, and if it had been about the stylistic choices, typos, characterization, plot, whatever, I'd probably think on it, because that's the way I roll bro.  But I don't know how to feel about this.  Theoretically it's a review about grammar; however, I don't think that it's right.  Being uh, the person that I am, I dug out my grammar books and writer's handbook (one of those books they make you get for freshman comp class that I kept because it's just smarter that way and I love it). My grammar books weren't much help, as they'd much rather prattle on coordinators and adverbials unfunfunf, I love you grammar books, and how you talk dirty to me but my handbook provided this rule which I vaguely remembered: If the noun is singular, and ends in -s or an s sound, add -'s.  Exp: Lois's sister spent last year in India.

Now I think it's pretty obvious that Roxas is a singular noun and thus would qualify for the -'s usage, as it is in the example.  This website seems to agree, and I am considering marrying The Apostrophe Protection Society.  Honestly.  Who comes up with such brilliant things? In any case, I feel more than justified in using Roxas's because that, to me, just looks better.  There was also a time in my life when I thought I was more a fan of prescriptive grammar.  That was a dark time in my life, as I usually smack around the English language like I possess the hand of god, and have grudgingly become more of a descriptive grammar person.  Though in this case, I seem to be following prescriptive rules anyway. 

Anyway, what do you guys think?  This poll's not so much about KH as it's about a lot of things, but Roxas was the one in question, and I think it's a shining example, so. 
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I have downloaded gimp. \o/  I miss Photoshop and think the gimp interface is unfriendly as hell, but I am far too lazy to navigate torrents. Finally replaced the banner with something a little more me, got a new icon to match, which I'm not going to use for this, since it's the new default so now the rest of my entries will have it since LJ sucks with icons. Ladeda.  Cleaned up my journal the past few days, icon and profile wise. Should probably get a new layout since the banner is an eyesore with it, but I am still lazy. Maybe I'll just tinker with the colors.  To be perfectly safe, new banner is from Days, so if you don't want to be spoiled for anything, stay away from my journal.  ;)

Going to Phoenix tomorrow for the last Lydia show of the year, which makes me indefinitely sad, but ah well, new record I hope. Btw, someone please humor me and tell me how you upload entire files to mediafire or megaupload, not just single files? Is that possible? I tried zipping it and that didn't work, and I have them all stored in the same folder, but you can't just download the folder, you still have to do it singularly, which is more than annoying. At least, to me. >.> 

I've been talking a lot lately.  About nothing particularly important either. Hrm.
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So you should all know I'm in dead love with this band called Lydia for whatever reason, and this past week they released an EP with four acoustic tracks from their first album.  It has songs we've been dying to hear for forever, and it wasn't supposed to be leaked on the internet since they recorded the EP to sell at shows to make up money they had robbed from them this past tour. :|  But it was leaked, and I was trying to be a good girl, but I couldn't and so I've been listening to it rather obsessively (I'll still get the actual EP when I go to the show on Saturday.. so there) and I just have to say that I freaking love this band. So much.

It is my life aspiration to one day write a story that feels even marginally like this song does. 

This is called A Camera Lens and Careful Days.

And I'm done.

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358/2 spoilers up until Day 171, observations and so forth )

My friend finally got with the program after years of not reading Harry Potter (seriously, who grows up these days and doesn't read Harry Potter... oh wait, they're all reading Twilight, oops) and is finally starting on Deathly Hallows.  I started re-reading the series (for like the thousandth time) and am on Goblet of Fire and I remember why it's my favorite. <3  [ profile] makemegray , I hope you might still need a Hermione after I finish this, because I may have something to offer you. xD

I had to actually go get it from Bookmans, since my sister has our copy with her in Phoenix.  We have the first three softback, and then the last four hardcover.  And then of course we each have our own copy of Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, because goddamnit, we share a lot of stuff, but we could not share Harry Potter the day it came out.  That would be impossible.  


Oct. 5th, 2009 01:11 am
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And Excel and whatnot, but WORD!!

Many thanks to [personal profile] valerie_z for the linkage. :3

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So I'm attempting to sell my Sidekick on craigslist, because I never get service at work in my building and my contract with Tmobile was up this past week.  I really like Tmobile, I really do, but having service at work would make my life better.  I could be texting, doing all kinds of interesting things when I'm talking to the people on the phone and messin up their flight plans.  It's the dream.

So this is the ad I posted:

"Hi there. I've had my Sidekick LX for a few years and am now looking to switch over to Verizon, since I don't get reception at my work, woe. My SK works just fine, has some scuffs and whatnot, but is pretty much perfect. I have no idea what to sell this for, so pretty much any offer of at least 50 will be okay. Warning, I only have the charger, not the cord to the computer, so you'd have to Ebay that yourself if you wanted to get it, but you can email yourself pictures. Mine will have some music on it and whatnot, and also has JemBuster (cheap version of Bejeweled, what uppp), and a super spiffy The Dark Knight background (also what uppp). She's a pretty little baby and I'm sad to part ways with her since she's treated me very well, buttt I want to be able to text at work more than I love her. I am such a bad owner. In any case, hit me up. Honestly, I'll take forty bucks and giftcard to Target (or Starbucks!), I'm not picky, just trying to get something out of her. ^^ "

And this one of the responses I got:

Hello. I was wandering wat color is ur sidekick LX. And are u saying that u will trade. A starbucks gift card ?? For it. Cause I got a 10$ giftcard. That I haven't used. And I also have a target one but there only like 3 bucks left on it so I don't think u will want that. Ok. If u can send me pics of ur sidekick lx that would be really awsome

Sometimes I want to facepalm all over the internet. 

Also, seriously, I keep getting responses from people that have the "sent from my Tmobile Sidekick/ Blackberry" on the bottom, and I'm like wtf, why are you trying to buy my phone if you already have one? I am so confused.

Going to see Paranormal Activity with my brother on Wednesday. I'm so stoked.  358/2 comes out on Tuesday.  I really want to buy it, but I also want to get a new phone, a wig, a shoulder holster (that's for a super secret purpose), more muslin, an eye appointment, and lots of other fantastic things. I don't know how to prioritize.  I'm probably going to end up getting it.  I can't hold back. It's Roxas. I can't not give in.  Woe.

eta: My brother just got back from the movie theater, where he saw Paranormal Activity.  I was mad at first because he specifically made me promise to go see it with him, but now he's too freaked out to even sleep in his own room by himself.  I AM SO STOKED TO SEE THIS MOVIE THERE ARE NO WORDS. He's still going with me on Wednesday.  SO.  STOKED.

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I have had: two amaretto sours, a grasshopper, a Jesus Christ I can't finish that it's so huge beer, a margarita, a gin and tonic, and I'm going for more margaritas right now.

I was already sick this morning, I can feel it again in my future, omg.  My mom called me last night and gave me the whole "don't drink and drive" convo, and then my dad called me five minutes after midnight and told me to not test my license, that I had the rest of my life ahead of me.  It was really too late at that point.
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I feel like I've been so busy the past couple of days but looking back, I can't seem to remember what I've done except work (a lot), see Harry Potter, and hang out at my friend's house.  Nothing has been accomplished.  I need to update my fic because it's been like two weeks (which is ridiculous) and do RP stuff and school things and.... I haven't been doing any of it, but I've not had a lot of time to get on my computer, which doesn't make any sense because I haven't been doing anything and I don't know anymore.  That will change this week.  In the middle of an eight day straight stretch at work right now and have been working shifts that I'm not used to so after tomorrow I drop back into my own schedule, which I know how to work.  So .. yea.  I mean, it's noon time.  I've been awake for two hours already.  This never happens.  Hoping to update fic by tomorrow.  I just need to edit it.  I fail.

I cut some lady off at this four way stop earlier (it was totally her right away but she took forever to move so I thought I had missed something but nope, she was just real slow on the uptake) and she made elaborate arm gestures in my direction.  Like... it was a long, slow pass I made by her and she waved her arms sooo hilariously. I laughed at her, and she flipped me off.  I suppose I deserved it.

Also.... LYDIA TOUR IN SEPTEMBER!!  I'm so stoked. 
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I must have run over at least ten frogs on the way home from work today.  It was insanity.  Poor things.  The monsoon brings them out and holy hell, was it raining.  Damn. I also managed to get myself locked out of the building on the opposite side of where I had my car parked.  As a result I had to walk around the entire building to get to the other side.  In summation, I had to wring out my sweatshirt once I got home, change socks, dry my pants, shake off my purse, and towel off my hair.  It was intense guys, intense.

I think I also did more compassion tickets today than I've ever done in my life at AA.  Everyone's dropping dead.  I don't get it. D:  Someone also tried to call in and get a compassion ticket for Michael Jackson's funeral.  He was de -wait for it- NIED. 

My sister's been gone less than a day and the cat's already trying to get all up in my kool-aid.  He was also de- wait for it-- NIED.  He can't just ignore me when she's home! He has to love me too! ;___;

My restaurant is doing very well.  I'm up to four employees and five tables.  Huzzah!
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I left my fucking gauge at work and I didn't realize it so I was walking around with one larger than normal ear and one ear with a larger than normal hole in it.  I'm freaking broke so I can't get new ones (they're like forty bucks a pop) andandand damnit.  I also decided to wear a bandana today so I look like my Mexican gangster friend with one diamond stud and a blue bandana signifying badassery.  All I need is a neck tattoo and I'm golden.  I'm about to take my little sister to cheerleading practice.  Badass, badass.

If this hole closes before I can buy new gauges I will be utterly depressed.  It shouldn't, I've had them stretched for more than two years now but I'm paranoid like that.  I've lost all my other piercings, I want to at least keep my ears the way they are. >.>

I'm sure my mom will be happy.  D:<   I should get MOM tattooed across my knuckles.  She'll hate her life if I do that.  Muwahaha.
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You may all blame [ profile] makemegray .

That is all.


Jun. 15th, 2009 03:08 am
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My bbys won the NBA title today.  Hooray!

Yea I know nobody cares about sports, but I grew up in LA and they're my team. Seriously, this is like a family affair. My entire family gets batshit at Laker games on tv, you don't want to hear the crazy volume that is achieved in the living room during a game.



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