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Maybe you can help me flist!  I recently realized that I could get radio streamed to my Blackberry that isn't Pandora (shhhh, I am slow) so I've been listening to NPR and other news/progressive/political stations at work via Stitcher radio.  I was using TuneIn which I liked better, but it stopped working midway through my shift Wednesday for some reason and so I found Stitcher, which is also quite nice and actually quite a bit better in terms of how much they offer (the interface is just annoying to me).  

So I've been able to listen to the Rachel Maddow show the next day and NPR's various programs, but I'm looking for other stuff too, mostly because the Marketplace guy on NPR gives me a weird vibe (I am discriminating on his voice, woe).  Suggestions?  Podcasts?  Places to download said podcasts?  Anything you listen to on the radio, via Stitcher or anything else?  Anything else that you can think of that might occupy my ears during my mostly ten hour shifts at work every day? 


Feb. 18th, 2008 04:25 am
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 Srsly, Taste of Chaos does not rock my socks this year.  Sure, I like A7X as much as the next layman, and I can stand Bullet for my Valentine, Atreyu, and Bless the Fall but I mean... last year killed.  Killed.  30STM, The Used, Chiodos, Evaline?  Yes, killed me dead. So I think I won't be attending.  But flyering, yes, flyering.  

The icons I've been making in the last few days have been considerably better.  One of these days I might even stop being lazy and make an actual banner for my profile. But heavens no, that would require more than a 300x300 box and actually blending shit.  And blending shit is not something I do well.  Color bars are only passable because they are square and straight and don't require blending.  OH but I learned how fun the Custom Shape Tool is. Yessir.

I miss my story.  Reflecting, I see what I'm trying to accomplish with it and that's to make it canon.  However, the setup is incredibly uncanon and rather out of character I suppose.  I started it when I really had no idea what the fuck the canon actually meant and now that I do it's like.... O.o  shit, everything I wrote is completely fucked up and makes no sense.  Fifteen thousand words of pure, unadulterated let me fuck up the canon.  But that's cool. Because now I have a challenge to make it fit and it's going to be slightly difficult.  Hence why I probably put it off, same as banners and whatnot. /stupidwritingramblings

Oh and my phone is going spastic.  Shitson, I only got that phone for the music player (well, combined with camera quality).  The music player isn't working so if I get my ass up tomorow in time to do my test, my quiz, and pay my car payment before work then I'll go try to get it fixed.  Because well, fuck.  I use it at school.  Its a necessity really.  Thank goodness I put insurance on it.  I suppose jumping into a pool with it in my pocket warned me. Thank you gods.


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