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Phoenix Comicon got Leonard Nimoy!

Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Billy Dee Williams.  People are probably dying.
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So yesterday I went to a con.  \o/  Hung out with [ profile] mekkisry all day, which was more than awesome, and had a lot of fun, a lot more fun that I've had in a really, really long time. It was just really laid back, and there were boys kissing and other people who like boys kissing omg, and costumes and just a lot of fun. It was really weird seeing/hearing people talk, IRL, about all these fandom things because absolutely none of my friends are into it.  It was just cool.

I saw this really, really good Sora, and this really cute little Maka ([ profile] allycat100104 , I tried to get a picture but I couldn't, but she was sooo cute, omg), a really awesome, cute Aerith, some Full Metal Alchemist kids, tons of Death Note, a lot of Naruto, some Bleach, and a freaking Sonic and... some other person from the Sonic game.  There's was some Hibari who...insisted on taking off his pants, and by the end of the night, had only boxers on.  I really...had no idea why.  I wanted to jump him until he got up from the panel he was on, and then I saw the no pants.  And he was Hibari.  There was a decent jumpsuit!Tsuna and I think a Belphegor, but I'm not sure.  There was definitely a crown, a red shirt, and a vest. Also some sluts, but it was all good.  Did I mention the SUPER ADORABLE SORA?? I pretty much squee'd everytime I saw her.  [ profile] mekkisry will testify.  SOOO CUTE.  There were two Roxas's, who, really, kinda sucked, but the girl one was really nice and randomly came over and danced with me at one point, lol, it was cute.  There was actually and Olette and a Fuu too. 

OH AND HAY, [ profile] deluziional ?  I got to voice Haruhi for this dubbing thing.  It took soooo long.  But it was really cool and we did the opening scene where you first meet Mikuru and Haruhi grabs her boobs and Kyon's all *faceplam*.  It was really funny.  I really sucked, but the dude was okay and the girl who did Mikuru was freaking awesome.  She could probably, really, do VA if she wanted to.  She was only 14 and sort of pretentious, but was still really, really good at it.  As soon as they showed us the script I was like, OH FUCK NO I KNOW HOW LOUD THAT GIRL SCREAMS, FTS.  Thankfully she took that part without too much hesitation. xD

I got a KH necklace (Oathkeeper!  And they brought out a Heartless symbol necklace a little bit later but I wasn't about to buy another one, fff), a Heartless symbol sticker, and this beanie with plaid cat ears on it.  Cat ears: the lazy man's cosplay. xD  There was a lot of yaoi.  There was this really cute Ritsuka who made out with random dude right in front of us and it was AWESOME.  Then there was a yaoi panel and this fail Reno and some other kid totally had this long, breathy makeout session, it was awesome.  I stayed for this Yaoipalooza panel or whatever, and this bitch who publishes yaoi books or whatever totally showed us porn for an hour.  Corn porn.  THE corn porn. xD

But yea, I'll stop rambling, I may post pictures later, at least of the super fucking adorable Sora.  And maybe the Weighted Companion Cube!  It was awesome!  If I knew the words to the song besides "we do what we must..." I may have started singing.  No, probably not, but it would have been awesome. 

Annnd now I'm off to edit.  Came home at 1 since I had to stop and get milk, then watched my brother fail play RE for two and half hours, and then I made coffee.  This was a bad decision.  I have stuff to read too but I don't feel like..feeling too much atm. Fic up by the end of the night time I go to sleep probably.  Long fic should be updated by Wednesday?  Idek, zombies are eating my brain currently, nom.

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My day just go so much better. :)

and now, back to sleep.

why so srs itchy tattoo?


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