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Dec. 4th, 2010 05:50 am
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I haven't talked about fandom in forever! I realized that while I was dozing and for some reason it wouldn't leave me alone, the things I've been reading/watching the past few months, so!  Here they are:

- Anime/Japanese thing wise .... pretty much zilch.  I've stayed current and hip with the KH fandom and the new KH games, but as I haven't played Birth By Sleep, I haven't really ventured into looking at fic for it.  You would think for someone who organizes anime conventions that I would be more in tune with anime... but not really.  I mean, I'm pretty good at what's hip with the rest of the world, I just don't watch/read it lately.  I fail.

-TV shows.  Now that's a whole new matter entirely.  I banged through three seasons of Skins (will get to the fourth eventually).  Banged through all six seasons of Weeds.  Am on episode 4 of the Walking Dead.  Misfits is my next adventure.  Watched all of Matt Smith's run as the Doctor (I love Matt Smith, I cannot deny).  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on my backburner, as it's been demanded by my friends that I watch it.  Will be marathoning all three seasons of Arrested Development on the 12th.  Am current on Glee and How I Met Your Mother.  I did horrible and only saw two episodes of this last season of White Collar, which I need to fix because Matt Bomer is beautiful.

- I watched the Human Centipede. It was not as terrifying as I was anticipating.  Have seen Harry Potter, Paranormal Activity 2, and Tangled lately in the theatre.  Watched Love Actually repeatedly in the past few weeks.  Have watched How to Train Your Dragon repeatedly as well - that movie is my life.

- Musically, it's been all My Chemical Romance and Courtney Marie Andrews lately.  I went to a Margot and the Nuclear So and So's show last month and couldn't get in since it was sold out, so my sister and I camped in the parking lot and listened to from the car.  Despite it being freezing, it was actually pretty awesome. No obnoxious idiots to compete with.  Dear and the Headlights broke up, which has been bumming me out.  I missed a Pierce the Veil show this last Sunday and I'm kicking myself over it.  They'll be back in Tucson in January, so I'm hoping (foolishly) I might get to that show.  But mostly, just MCR and Courtney Marie.  You should listen, girl sounds like an angel.  Don't let the folk/bluegrass label fool you.  Start with Oak Creek.

- Bookwise, I've been pretty tame.  I'm on and off again reading the Locke and Key series - it's a graphic novel series written by Joe Hill, who is Stephen King's son and wrote the only book that's scared me in recent memory, Heart Shaped Box.  I'm still really obsessed with the Hunger Games series, which I guess you could say is my biggest fandom at the moment.  I was mostly re-reading things I've had, though I made a decent effort at The Bell Jar, before abandoning it for my current love, The Passage, by Justin Cronin.  It was widely reviewed and raved about in Time and I had a half off coupon at Borders the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so I had to grab it.  It's been fun so far, I've still got about 400 pages left.

- I've been writing in This Frenzied State.  It's slow coming, but it feels so good.

Sorry for the double post.  It's 6am and I can't sleep.
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This is a difficult question, but it would either be My Chemical Romance or Lydia.  They would both have to play their entire discography - Desert Song would need to be present, and there would need to be a full band performance of A Story for Supper for the latter, with Mindy, not Maria.  Her and Haley full band would also be fantastic.

I'm way into Dear and the Headlights lately.  I'd always kind of heard them since my friends like them, so I'd hear them on roadtrips, but I stole a bunch of music from one of them this weekend (Courtney Marie Andrews, more of the Honey Trees that I didn't have) and I got both albums and I love it.  I want to do dirty things to this guy's voice.  Unf.

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I have a sinus infection, not an abscess like I thought.  I have antibiotics, which will take down the swelling and stop the continuous headache I've had, and the red in my eyes will go away at some point in the next week.  I already feel better.  I feel like myself, as opposed to the sad creature that was sleeping for twelve hours a day and not going to work.  I hate being sick. 

I bit off the nails I put on.  Just as predicted.  Pfft.  But not my real ones, which I guess is the important part.  I have more fake ones, so I'll do those after work today.  And probably bite them off by Monday, but whatever.

I got a lot of new music yesterday, but nobody's really caught my ear except for this band called Fanfarlo.  They remind me of Margot - folk-y, acoustic, indie stuff.  It doesn't kick me in the stomach like Margot, but it's not bad.  Any suggestions flist?  I got some electronic, pop-y stuff too, which I'm not feeling, which just reinforces the fact that there is definitely a distinctive type of music that I like.  I try to be one of those "if it sounds good, I'll listen to it!" but I am wayyy too picky to be that type of person.  Electronic, pop, country, rap, I just don't get it. 

I liked not going to work when I was sick, but the downside was that I was sick.  And now I'm less sick, and ready to go to work, and when I get there, I will want to be sick so I don't have to be there.  Life.
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Leaving tomorrow to Phoenix, and then on Tuesday we leave for New Mexico.  It's alllll happening.  I'll be gone for ten days. I haven't packed or bought anything yet.  I have problems.

Before I move onto MY SONG OF... RIGHT NOW, tour calender~

Jul 20 - The Launch Pad, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 22 -The Conservatory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jul 23- The Loft, Dallas, Texas
Jul 24 - Emo's, Austin, Texas
Jul 25 - Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio, Texas
Jul 26 - Mango's, Houston, Texas
Jul 27 - Spanish Moon, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jul 28 - One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, Louisiana
Intense.  I'm not so stoked the only off day we have is in Oklahoma; I wish it were in San Antonio.  I love San Antonio.  Austin's downtown scene is awesome too; kitschy little Korean place, we will see you again.  Of course... I am stoked out of my mind to see New Orleans.  It's a 24 hour straight drive back, which I am less than happy about, but whatever, NEW ORLEANS.  We weren't originally going to go to Baton Rouge or New Orleans, but since we were so (relatively) close, we added it.  I get to spend my birthday in New Orleans. At least part of it, before the drive from hell, of course.  

Looking at that, I guess I understand why people think we're insane.  But this will be the last Lydia tour, and this is probably going to be the last mult-city tour we do, even for other bands we love.  After this, I think it's time to be real grown ups.  One last hurrah though.

Time for a Margot song.
And the girls are getting sick, of snorting coke up in the bathroom while their boyfriends pick up chicks. Darling, I'm lost. )
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Just kind of smacked me in the face that in just about a month I'll be living in Phoenix again.  So much to do. 

Envy on the Coast is breaking up. :(  It's the summer of bands I love breaking up.  So bummed I didn't go to the last show in Phoenix.  Just like... man.  Lowcountry feels so different than Lucy Gray, and I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but good lord, it's just so raw.  Ryan Hunter, marry

Also finally caught the White Collar S2 premiere.  EPIC I SAY, EPIC.

And now, songs.

Now I swallow anything that reminds me I am temporary )
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So now that my computer lives~

And by meme, I mean, it's not really a meme, it's something I've been doing while my computer's been broken, BUT FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN.  Songs I've been listening to repeatedly during these past few months.  Nothing entirely groundbreaking to see here, really.  It's kind of a "songs I've been listening to repeatedly/ Lydia will no longer be a band so I must write down how these songs make me feel" thing.

Spoiler alert: these will all be nearly Lydia songs.
You will never waste my time )
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We must blend into the choir
Sing as static with the whole
We must memorize nine numbers and deny we have a soul

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I have been obsessed with Pandora lately.  I've heard about it but never really used it, and then I found out my Blackberry has an app for that can also use Pandora so I made an account and ah! I love my Lydia radio station like nobody's business.  It hardly plays Lydia anymore since I've added so much, but ah!  It's so amazing.  I loooveeee it.  I lost my good pair of headphones so I'm using the stupid earbuds the Blackberry came with until I can afford a new set of earmuffs.  I hate earbuds.  They never stay in my ears.  Ever.

I also love my Blackberry.  I have a app, a maps app, visual voicemail, an app that makes text messaging look like it does on the iPhone, an app that tells me when I'm closest to the nearest coffee place, an app that will read me my text messages if I'm driving so I don't have to look at my phone, a Spanish-English translator, and a Facebook app.  The Facebook app came pre-installed, which was nice, but I've been taking everything from the app store that's free.  Plus the fantastic Pandora app.  I'm just like woooo. 

My little sister and I went to the Asian market today.  I made her look at the durians and the dead fish and bought her roasted peas and ramune.  I like to feel like I'm exposing her to different things~

My new shift sucks.  I like not having to work until the afternoon, but then it means I'm off at 1am and it takes me half an hour to get home, another half hour to get in bed and something else to eat since I don't ever eat a real lunch as I don't get my break until, oh, eight thirty pm, and then somewhere in the vicinity of two to three hours to actually wind down.  I was always usually in bed by 4am, but now I'm not getting to sleep until 5 or 6.  By the time I get done with this shift the people at the McDonald's are going to know how many creams and sugars I like in my coffee.  Working these hours just makes me so tired.

I got a pink cupcake candle for Valentine's Day from my family.  My room smells like a cupcake!  That automatically makes everything better. :)
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That's it, 2009 officially sucks.  This is the one that hits closest to home.  Fuck this shit. 

Not the biggest A7X fan, but fucking christ dude, that man could play.  
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If you ever call me, please, for the love of all things good and pretty, do not tell me you want to be "departuring" from Los Angeles to DFW, and then continuously use it throughout the entire drawn out, painful, annoying conversation.

Seriously woman, how many times do I have to emphasize departing?   My head. 

Anyway, all the input on that last matter was really sweet.  I'm personally in the Roxas's camp, but I don't think there's one right answer.  It's English, after all.  But it was cool to see what everyone else thought.  Since I do not commonly have these types of conversations with people who I see daily.  Though I guess that would be kind of cool too.  Though I didn't realize I could vote in my own poll so I just did right now and the Roxas's win.  The rest of you can suck it!  ;)

My friend at work booked a ticket for Tommy Lasorta.  The same person who booked a ticket for Snoop Dogg. I want to kick her in the shins.

If you're a fan of indie, folkish, ambient-ish music, you should check out the Honey Trees. I love them.

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So you should all know I'm in dead love with this band called Lydia for whatever reason, and this past week they released an EP with four acoustic tracks from their first album.  It has songs we've been dying to hear for forever, and it wasn't supposed to be leaked on the internet since they recorded the EP to sell at shows to make up money they had robbed from them this past tour. :|  But it was leaked, and I was trying to be a good girl, but I couldn't and so I've been listening to it rather obsessively (I'll still get the actual EP when I go to the show on Saturday.. so there) and I just have to say that I freaking love this band. So much.

It is my life aspiration to one day write a story that feels even marginally like this song does. 

This is called A Camera Lens and Careful Days.

And I'm done.

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Chiodos isn't, like, the best fucking band of all time but they are one of my bands.  I don't listen to much music like that anymore since I've gotten older and have turned to such greener pastures as Margot and Lydia, but Chiodos is still one of my freaking favorite bands ever.  At least, they were until they pulled this stunt.  They're not going to be able to pull a Saosin, not since they're already this popular, and I have no faith in any other singer to even remotely fill Craig Owen's shoes. 

My favorite hoodie is a Chiodos hoodie. Well, you had a good run old buddy. >.>
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By the way, CNN

Fail.  They corrected it right away, but it was one of those PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN moments.
Barcelona was last night.  I got to hear my title sung.  They were utterly fantastic.  It was fun.  Really, really fun.  I wanted to go to Tempe today for the show tonight but I am broke. :/  It was really an awesome show.  I could probably gush for like, fifteen hours about how much I loved it but I think it's pretty clear I'm sorta crazy by now.  And there's weather in Dallas.  Today was a screaming day.  I'm better at taking it now.  No matter how much I want to tell people to suck it.  I mean, honestly.  It's the plane we don't want to lose.  Please, feel fry to fly in a thunderstorm.  I insist. 

Lydia in 25 days.  So.  Stoked. 

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PTV was on the Myspace homepage.  This means that at every show I go to now will either involve A) stomping on bitches or B) getting there early.  It didn't use to be like that.  Just like with Lydia.  

Summer= Lydia, Barcelona, Envy on the Coast, Taking Back Sunday, Chiodos, Billy Talent. Sometimes life is good.

I also talked to someone on the phone today for like twenty minutes about music.  I hope I don't get listened to on that call.  He totally gave me his myspace and I totally wrote it down because I totally thought he was hot.  He knew his shit. 

And then I totally looked him up and he's totally like 47 years old.

Fuck my life.
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So I get Lydia next month, Barcelona in May, Warped (with Chiodos omg) in June, and Billy Talent in July.  Plus a new 30 Seconds to Mars album, a new Envy on the Coast album, and a new MCR album... these are all wishes but we try to stay positive in these parts...


That's all. :3

Except seriously, you should listen to Barcelona. I recommend "It's About Time" and then moving on to "Stars." They're soothing and ridiculous.  And I've said this a thousand times before, Lydia too.  Start with "Hospital" and then progress to "I Woke Up Near the Sea."  :3  Do it.

Gah, it's concert season again. Yaaaaay.

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My day just go so much better. :)

and now, back to sleep.

why so srs itchy tattoo?
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 I had a lot to bitch about and somehow between these past two days I forgot them all.  >.<  Fucking work.  Had to go through a ton of pages on my flist to catch up on the past 2.5 days that I've been working.  

I sort of have nothing else to say.  >.<  


Envy on the Coast owns my soul. <33333333


May. 29th, 2008 04:02 pm
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I just have to, like, fangirl Lydia for a second.

Do the awesome, do it, do it, do it, do it.

So I've been sleeping with this silence in my mind
And all I see scares me
And no one knows it, but she, she saved me

So I've been sleeping with this silence in my brain
I wake up here everyday in this god damn place
I won't wait here anymore

It's still not quite the way it was
But you promised me this is love
So stay and watch the hospital
That's just across the street
From your apartment balcony
I'll never ever leave there
I'll never leave


Okay, I'm done.  Now, go click on that link. . :)



May. 12th, 2008 01:31 am
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I don't understand why people have to be so... closeminded, especially when it comes to music.  I hate arrogance.  With a passion.  I understand wanting to defend your type of music... but lording it over someone and calling it superior does not a happy me make.  I don't care if you think the music I like is weird, or emo, or has pretty boys singing about loving one another.  Stop telling me about it.  It's annoying.  Nine Inch Nails is not god.  For the love of christ.  I feel like I just committed blasphemy there.  Bleeeh.  Whatever.

We have to be out by August.  Spiffy.  I have a million and thirteen decisions to make before then.  I'm feeling all out of ends lately.  Friday was bad.  School's over.  And I kicked my final paper's ass for my women's history class.  Kicked it in the ass.  Hello A that was formerly a borderline C.  Welcome to the fold.  :p  

And...I really forget what else I was going to say. :/  It was important.  Oh.  Richard Adams.  You and Watership Down.  We'll see about you soon, mister.


Apr. 26th, 2008 06:58 am
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We've been listening to and analyzing Lydia songs for the past five hours.

They are so amazing. <3 



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