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I was arrested at Occupy Phoenix this Saturday for refusing to leave the park we were trying to set up as our camp.  There were 46 of us charged with 1st degree loitering, a misdemeanor.  Our court date is October 26th.  

We spent 14 hours in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's freezing jail with moldy food and constantly changing information.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  We held our own mini general assemblies, did yoga, and kept each other sane.  We talked about the movement, the world, the future.  We talked to our fellow inmates, who were all smart and sweet and gave us incredible information about their lives and the injustices of the prison system.  We learned so much.

The ACLU has taken on our case.  It's going to be interesting to see what happens.

My only regret is that I made my poor boyfriend worry all Sunday. We didn't go to the protest intending to be arrested, my sister and I, but it was the right thing to do.  He tried to pay our bail and by that time it was already late enough that we'd be out in a few hours.  He's gone to California this weekend for five days and I miss him terribly already.

My sister and I are going back to this weekend.  I have met so many great people so far, and I can't wait to see who I meet next.  I believe in this movement wholeheartedly, and I am ready for what comes next.
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Things I did today: watched Easy A, Glee, a few episodes of HIMYM, cleaned my room, and ate an entire pizza by myself and drank some diet Coke.  I'm sure the pizza negated the diet Coke thing, but whatever, I'm hormonal and sad and damn that pizza was good. 

Gonna drink some tea now, listen to my super soothing recorded ocean waves, and go to bed, and then in the morning go to the gym (the guilt is already creeping upon me).  I still call this a good day.  Damn that pizza was good.

eta: I lied, no sleep for me.  Starting on volunteer registration.  Meaning I will be swearing at Joomla and my computer for the next week. I hate Joomla.  So.  Much.
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I play Minecraft now. 

I really, really should stop and do something, like, Idk, stuff for that convention that's in eight weeks but ya know, I'd rather dig holes in digital dirt and make my giant digital cave even bigger.

-insert facepalm here-
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I wanted to buy myself something nice this paycheck since it's my first paycheck of full time with overtime (and holy heck I've never been paid this much in one week in my life) so I paid for a First Aid with CPR/AED for Adults/Children/Infants certification at the Red Cross in Tucson on February 13th.  \o/

I'm super stoked. It's something I've been meaning and meaning to do, and since I'm technically in charge of Security this year for Con-nichiwa, it just seemed fitting, since we want them to have their CPR certs if possible.  I'm secretly hoping that Matt will see my post on Facebook and offer to reimburse me, since I just got into the Security email and the con paid for the Security's team certs last year.  I call shenanigans. 

But either way, stoked.  Next, I want to learn how to shoot a gun, preferably at a zombie.

In less than happy news that I won't elaborate on, I am sooo tired of stoking people's egos.  More prudently, the egos of men.  AKA, the guys I work with at conventions and some other guys.  It's always guys.  Just guys.  Really, I'm more of a man than men that I know.  Yes, this is terribly sexist, but yea, whatever.  Seriously men in my life, stop bitching.  Kthnx.
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Spending my New Year's Eve with a fluffy dog, plenty of pita bread and hummus, tea and hot chocolate, a blanket, and Arrested Development.  I am actually quite pleased.  :)

I had a lot of sappy things written about this past year, but thankfully I erased them because inevitably, every year you get the same: expectation, renewed hope, "everything will change," etc etc.  This year, though, I think will be different, and I am excited, pleased, and terribly confused about all of it, but I expect it will all be an adventure.

Merry new year's flist, be safe and have fun!
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So basically My Chemical Romance decided to boycott Arizona because of that goddamn SB1070 bill.  I am very upset and disappointed and so sick of being judged by the goddamn Republicans that run this state.  The closest shows as of yet are in Utah and Colorado, and pretty sure I won't be able to make either of them.  >.>  I have to take so many days off for my conventions this year that I don't know if I can stretch it anymore.  Goddamnit.

In other news, cons are going very well.  Had our first Con-nichiwa meeting, things are rolling, our first PCC meeting is in December. 

And in other other news, that's about it.  Woo!  Con stuff and MCR concerts.  The extent of my life.  /bow
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It is so hot in this room that sometimes I literally want to fall asleep in the living room on the floor.  It takes me an hour to fall asleep at night because I keep tossing and turning trying to find a cooler position.  The window faces the sun all day and I don't have any curtains, so it's brutal during the day too, but during the day I can escape to the living room usually.  But at night there's no escaping, and it doesn't make sense.  THERE IS NO MORE SUN.  It's still above ninety here at night, BUT NO SUN.  I have a fan, and it doesn't help.  I don't know if it's just me.  The living room and the other bedroom stay cool, but they're not facing the sun during the day. 

So... I have no idea.

I have other problems as well, but writing them down will make me seem like a bigger idiot than I already know I am, so I'm going to bitch about the heat.

Carry on.
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Leaving tomorrow to Phoenix, and then on Tuesday we leave for New Mexico.  It's alllll happening.  I'll be gone for ten days. I haven't packed or bought anything yet.  I have problems.

Before I move onto MY SONG OF... RIGHT NOW, tour calender~

Jul 20 - The Launch Pad, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 22 -The Conservatory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jul 23- The Loft, Dallas, Texas
Jul 24 - Emo's, Austin, Texas
Jul 25 - Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio, Texas
Jul 26 - Mango's, Houston, Texas
Jul 27 - Spanish Moon, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jul 28 - One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, Louisiana
Intense.  I'm not so stoked the only off day we have is in Oklahoma; I wish it were in San Antonio.  I love San Antonio.  Austin's downtown scene is awesome too; kitschy little Korean place, we will see you again.  Of course... I am stoked out of my mind to see New Orleans.  It's a 24 hour straight drive back, which I am less than happy about, but whatever, NEW ORLEANS.  We weren't originally going to go to Baton Rouge or New Orleans, but since we were so (relatively) close, we added it.  I get to spend my birthday in New Orleans. At least part of it, before the drive from hell, of course.  

Looking at that, I guess I understand why people think we're insane.  But this will be the last Lydia tour, and this is probably going to be the last mult-city tour we do, even for other bands we love.  After this, I think it's time to be real grown ups.  One last hurrah though.

Time for a Margot song.
And the girls are getting sick, of snorting coke up in the bathroom while their boyfriends pick up chicks. Darling, I'm lost. )
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My computer will not hook up to my internet.  I know the internet is working, I can see the signal strength, and when I click connect the box where it shows wireless networks disappears.  I had it unplugged, and I didn't notice the battery dying (even though it beeps at me annoyingly; I am so observant) and so it just upped and died. I plugged it back in, and that's when the box problem started happening. I've done everything I can think of to make it work, and it will NOT connect.  I'm using my mother's extremely horrible Dell right now to check my bank account and whatnot, and plead for help. I don't know what to dooo.  The internet withdrawals haven't set in yet - I am still horribly apathetic toward anything at the moment - but it's very useful for banking and Mapquest and other things I kind of need the net for.  My phone's only so good.


In other news, still very not cool on life right now.  I bought a pack of cigarettes.  It's pretty bad.  Okay, it's not that bad.  It's just that on nights like these, when it's gorgeous out and there are stars and I'm not sleeping and have nothing to do, I feel so pathetically lonely.

But, I am waking up to make my mom breakfast in the morning.  Making food is most definitely not my forte, but I am feeling optimistic!  If I manage to make even something not burnt, I will be so pleased with myself. xD

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I have worked twelve days in a row, and now I am off for three days and don't know what to do with myself.  HUZZAH.

It's also a day for drinking, but I am poor until Friday, so drinking may not occur too heavily.  Tomorrow I am supposed to take my friend to get her license - since she is older than me and we have discussed this for three years now. >.>  But to be fair, I moved away and we're both lazy and our days off don't match and ... I have my license, so it's not my top priority. xD  But she does not!  So we are finally getting it done. I hope.

I got into a fight with my mom last week and we're still not really talking, but I am going to make her breakfast on Sunday.  I'm looking to get a little creative, and not just the regular French toast/eggs deal.  Suggestions?  Something easy?  I am a horrible cook, but I'm adventurous, and I'd like to do something fun, so have at it.

I haven't caught up on Glee for the past two weeks yet, but I watched this week's HIMYM, and I AM DISAPPOINT.  But then I saw the new White Collar crossover promos with the other USA shows and was like OMG MATT BOMER SWOON.  /cough

I've broken down where I'd like to visit in a few weeks into a few locations: Washington, Washington, D.C., New York, New Orleans (new one), and back to San Francisco.  I've been to SFO (I have found myself constantly abbreviating city names to their major airports; curse you American Airlines and your brainwashing) a few times, but I've not been by myself, and I haven't done a lot of things I've wanted to do, like Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz.  If I end up doing this, it's going to be on an extremely tight budget, but I can make it work.  Mainly I just walk around like a tourist and take pictures with my phone.  Like, ya know, a normal tourist does.  

All in all, working has been taking my mind off how utterly miserable I was feeling.  I'd work, come home, and sleep, jump up, clean some stuff, and shoot off to work again.  Too much free time makes me a sad panda I guess.

Off to bushwhack my eyebrows.  I expect your sympathy.
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Thoughts about the White Collar finale )

And all those analytical thoughts aside, FUCKING A MAN, WAS NEAL GORGEOUS SCULPTING OR FUCKING WHAT?  WITH THE HAT AND THE COAT AND FLAILLL. ♥♥  I fucking love intense Peter.  Those eyes!  And-and-and that last fucking line man, oh my god, I fucking swear, I was holding my hands over my mouth and kicking my legs back and forth agitatedly and just a messssss.  For the love of god man:

"You said goodbye to everyone but me.  Why?"
"I don't know."
"Yeah you do.  Tell me."
"I don't know! Peter..."
"You know why!"
"Tell me!" 
"Because you're the only one who could change my mind!"

For real?  I was FULLY expecting: "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU" to come out of his mouth.  Oh man.  Damn I love these two. ♥  

I drove to Phoenix today, had Thai food, spent some time with some good people I love, and saw a damn good Barcelona show and now there's a cat playing with my hair.  Day well spent.

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When you feel like dying you might want to sing.

I do that, and then pay someone to ram a needle through my nose.  Re-pierced the septum.  And then promptly lost the ball for the hoop.  Classic.

I have been feeling so not like myself.  Sad for no reason and useless.  I think this helps.
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I have been obsessed with Pandora lately.  I've heard about it but never really used it, and then I found out my Blackberry has an app for that can also use Pandora so I made an account and ah! I love my Lydia radio station like nobody's business.  It hardly plays Lydia anymore since I've added so much, but ah!  It's so amazing.  I loooveeee it.  I lost my good pair of headphones so I'm using the stupid earbuds the Blackberry came with until I can afford a new set of earmuffs.  I hate earbuds.  They never stay in my ears.  Ever.

I also love my Blackberry.  I have a app, a maps app, visual voicemail, an app that makes text messaging look like it does on the iPhone, an app that tells me when I'm closest to the nearest coffee place, an app that will read me my text messages if I'm driving so I don't have to look at my phone, a Spanish-English translator, and a Facebook app.  The Facebook app came pre-installed, which was nice, but I've been taking everything from the app store that's free.  Plus the fantastic Pandora app.  I'm just like woooo. 

My little sister and I went to the Asian market today.  I made her look at the durians and the dead fish and bought her roasted peas and ramune.  I like to feel like I'm exposing her to different things~

My new shift sucks.  I like not having to work until the afternoon, but then it means I'm off at 1am and it takes me half an hour to get home, another half hour to get in bed and something else to eat since I don't ever eat a real lunch as I don't get my break until, oh, eight thirty pm, and then somewhere in the vicinity of two to three hours to actually wind down.  I was always usually in bed by 4am, but now I'm not getting to sleep until 5 or 6.  By the time I get done with this shift the people at the McDonald's are going to know how many creams and sugars I like in my coffee.  Working these hours just makes me so tired.

I got a pink cupcake candle for Valentine's Day from my family.  My room smells like a cupcake!  That automatically makes everything better. :)


Feb. 15th, 2010 02:21 am
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I am so very sad lately and I don't know why.

That had nothing to do with today.  To clarify. I never care about Valentine's Day.

It'll go away because I am not wired to continuously be sad, but right now my teeth are hurting so I am going to take a vicodin and sleep myself into a coma. 

Hope you all had lovely days. ^^
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Spending New Years Eve with [ profile] mekkisry . So far so good and awesome! I'm drinking plum wine we got from the Asian market.  I feel tipsy in a non tipsy way.  But being tipsy always makes me type well.  We also just had mac and cheese and then ran outside and threw firecrackers at the ground.  We win at life!  Also watched Paranormal Activity.  And are actively ghost hunting her house.  Come on ghosties, grace us with your presence!

For this year I am excited for: 

-- Going back to school
-- Some super spiffy cons
-- Going back to school
-- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pt 1
-- Relationships.  Lots and lots of other relationships.
--  Writing more.  
-- New MCR album
-- New Lydia album
-- New Envy on the Coast album
-- Getting to go to Pride in Phoenix.
-- Phoenix.
--  Birth By Sleep
--  Going back to school
--  Still being alive

Happy New Years guys.  Celebrate with some plum wine and mac and cheese.  It's the little things.  I love you all

Let's go plum wine.  Yeaaaa boyyyy.  Also tried some durian cake.  Can you say wtf?  I can.  WTF I SAY WTF.

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For Christmas my grandfather says he is going to buy me a radar detector.


Currently watching the Matrix and drinking coffee. The Matrix used to be my life. Seriously. I tried to make peppermint tea with an old peppermint but it did not come out so well. I put a dab of chocolate syrup in my coffee for experimentation and I did not like it. I need Baileys. Though I'd probably put a lot more than a dab if I had that, orz.
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358/2 spoilers up until day 351, observations, yep. So close, so close. )

I'm coming down to the end of it now. I'm really sort of scared.  Not of anything I have to fight necessarily, just that it's going to be over and then I will be without a Kingdom Hearts game, sob.

The Phillies beat the Dodgers today and if they win again tomorrow I am going to go to Philadelphia and throw marshmallows at the Liberty Bell.  Suck it, Philadelphia, suck it.

In the continuing saga of "Texas fails," I called to see if I could set up a payment plan for my ticket since the mumbling old man judge got all fussy and said he wouldn't give me an extension beyond a week, and when I called, he informed me that he had given me an extension for more than a week. O.o  o.O Allriiighty then. I wish I could record stuff from my phone, because if my license gets suspended because he can't remember what he had for breakfast yesterday, I am going to drown myself. 

Well, not really, but you get the picture. >.>

Also, check out my new icon. His name is Jeremy Renner, and I am going to marry him.  It was a tossup between him and James McAvoy and I decided on longevity and I've loved him since 28 Weeks Later, so.  It is going to be a small wedding, and you are all invited, but you bring your own drinks, and if I catch you macking on my husband, so help me god I will kill you.  So. Help. Me. God.


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This week's Glee made my life. xD

There were some things I felt were inconsistent, but it was still thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable. :)

I also need new glasses like woah.  The bottom keeps cutting into the side of my nose since the paint or whatever's come off, so it's just metal and it grates like nobody's business. Urk.  They've also been stepped on, so they're crooked, and one of my eyes always looks bigger than the other. Eee.

Did nothing today except watch SVU, read Order of the Phoenix, and then watch some crazy movie with my friends called Dark Country. Very, very odd.  Then came Glee, and I felt like making progress on the kamikaze blanket I'm attempting, so I put on the Hurt Locker.  Been meaning to watch that since the beginning of August, since it was at the local theatre here, but the showing times were weird and I have proven time and again I can sleep through multiple alarms.  Jeremy Renner stole my heart with 28 Weeks Later, and I heard good things about it.  Very disquieting, but very good.

And now it is 4:30 am. \o/

Yet another edit, but wow.  President Obama, you are a stud.
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My last entry was pretty angsty and whatever.  I'm better now. I think it was just late and I was drunk and the world was bleak but woe.  I'm a pretty optimistic person (normally) so I'm cool now.  Though I'd thought you'd all like to know that my 09.09.09 was capped off with someone smashing into my car and not letting me know about it.  Maybe not so much smashing.  More like hitting? Gently bonking? Idk. It was funny because we all didn't notice it until the end of the day after we had hit up the community college, the mall, Olive Garden, and a department store.  So I have no idea where it happened and I'm more meh about it than anything else. It doesn't effect the function of the door or anything but Evian does not look so pretty.  My poor little baby.

I'm starting to watch Full Metal Alchemist.  I blame my roleplay.  But omg it's so cute, I was like, wanting to cry during the second episode omg.  So sad.

Today is September 11, 2009.  I was thirteen years old.  I always cry more today than I care to admit.  

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I have been working on this goddamn story for the past week and nothing I do makes me happy. I picked up four hours tomorrow morning and then I have two hours between starting my regular shift and goddamnit, I am getting coffee, sitting in McDonald's, listening to Audrye Sessions, AND AM GOING TO MAKE SOMETHING FREAKING WORK.  /rage

On Tuesday since it's lopped off work day where I have more freedom in the morning I will be attempting to dye my cape in the backyard.  This will either end A) beautifully, B) painfully, or C) with my dog ending up purple colored and not the cape, Idek.  I guess I could put him in his pen, but I don't know if I'd rather see him cry until I was finished, or purple.  The novelty of a purple dog is appealing, but somehow I don't think very humane.  Or it's just AWESOME.  I can't buy the wig until next paycheck but I've been staring at it dreamily just about every day lately. 

My Dodgers are coming down to the post-season wire (October is such an awesome, fun month, filled with playoff games and Halloween) and I talked to James Worthy the other day and nearly freaked out on the phone.  For those who don't know (which is everyone), James Worthy was a Lakers player (that's basketball).  He retired in 1994 and I was five years old and my earliest memories are watching Lakers games and cheering for Worthy.  It's funny the things we remember from being little.  But then again, my entire family consists of psycho Lakers fans, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. In any case, it made my day.

I keep trying to mess around with my layout and I've got it mostly the way I want it, but I'm failing at finding a header and since I'm far too lazy to steal buy Photoshop like a nice person, I just yoinked someone else's.  Need to fix that.  

I have been doing crochet at work since [ profile] mekkisry  showed me how.  I'm either working on A) a scarf, B) a race car track, or C) a mishapen lump.  It's supposed to be A, but the other two options are also showing really, really likely at the moment.


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