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Dec. 4th, 2010 05:50 am
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I haven't talked about fandom in forever! I realized that while I was dozing and for some reason it wouldn't leave me alone, the things I've been reading/watching the past few months, so!  Here they are:

- Anime/Japanese thing wise .... pretty much zilch.  I've stayed current and hip with the KH fandom and the new KH games, but as I haven't played Birth By Sleep, I haven't really ventured into looking at fic for it.  You would think for someone who organizes anime conventions that I would be more in tune with anime... but not really.  I mean, I'm pretty good at what's hip with the rest of the world, I just don't watch/read it lately.  I fail.

-TV shows.  Now that's a whole new matter entirely.  I banged through three seasons of Skins (will get to the fourth eventually).  Banged through all six seasons of Weeds.  Am on episode 4 of the Walking Dead.  Misfits is my next adventure.  Watched all of Matt Smith's run as the Doctor (I love Matt Smith, I cannot deny).  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on my backburner, as it's been demanded by my friends that I watch it.  Will be marathoning all three seasons of Arrested Development on the 12th.  Am current on Glee and How I Met Your Mother.  I did horrible and only saw two episodes of this last season of White Collar, which I need to fix because Matt Bomer is beautiful.

- I watched the Human Centipede. It was not as terrifying as I was anticipating.  Have seen Harry Potter, Paranormal Activity 2, and Tangled lately in the theatre.  Watched Love Actually repeatedly in the past few weeks.  Have watched How to Train Your Dragon repeatedly as well - that movie is my life.

- Musically, it's been all My Chemical Romance and Courtney Marie Andrews lately.  I went to a Margot and the Nuclear So and So's show last month and couldn't get in since it was sold out, so my sister and I camped in the parking lot and listened to from the car.  Despite it being freezing, it was actually pretty awesome. No obnoxious idiots to compete with.  Dear and the Headlights broke up, which has been bumming me out.  I missed a Pierce the Veil show this last Sunday and I'm kicking myself over it.  They'll be back in Tucson in January, so I'm hoping (foolishly) I might get to that show.  But mostly, just MCR and Courtney Marie.  You should listen, girl sounds like an angel.  Don't let the folk/bluegrass label fool you.  Start with Oak Creek.

- Bookwise, I've been pretty tame.  I'm on and off again reading the Locke and Key series - it's a graphic novel series written by Joe Hill, who is Stephen King's son and wrote the only book that's scared me in recent memory, Heart Shaped Box.  I'm still really obsessed with the Hunger Games series, which I guess you could say is my biggest fandom at the moment.  I was mostly re-reading things I've had, though I made a decent effort at The Bell Jar, before abandoning it for my current love, The Passage, by Justin Cronin.  It was widely reviewed and raved about in Time and I had a half off coupon at Borders the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so I had to grab it.  It's been fun so far, I've still got about 400 pages left.

- I've been writing in This Frenzied State.  It's slow coming, but it feels so good.

Sorry for the double post.  It's 6am and I can't sleep.
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Title: The Best We Know How
Rating: M (language, explicit mentions of sex)
Word Count: 5,443
Summary: Four times Axel left before Roxas woke up, and one time he didn’t. AU, Akuroku.

Author’s Notes: The title comes from the Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s song A Sea Chanty of Sorts. You can download it here.

I feel like I need to apologize for something called This Frenzied State; consider this a go-between. Chicago did its trick, really. This is like everything I do, mainly: fragmented, relying heavily on different interpretations, and nothing very concrete. It's also one of those counting things, and nothing not so nice.

I don’t do well with present tense; I have no beta, but I have had this finished for a few weeks and I’ve combed it, so hopefully there’s nothing extremely glaring. Any mistakes are mine.

As usual, constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Happy Valentine's Day? 

Axel shrugs. “You’re cute. You’re over eighteen. You can think for yourself. You’ve got that tasty little stench of someone who needs it, so why the fuck not?” )
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Just when I thought I couldn't churn out anything stupid or fluffy or pointless anymore, it happens. Maybe not so fluffy. Sometimes I also think I'm clever. I don't know anything.

Title: Narration
Rating: K+
Word Count: 1,958
Summary: You know what’s not funny? Axel narrating his life. You know what is funny? Axel narrating porn.

Author’s Notes: Something very short, not very substantial, and because we’re all having bad days lately. Sort of fluffy. Also sort of stupid, but we’re cool bro. No beta, per normal, all errors are mine.

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I'm about to get slightly nerdy.[Poll #1482183][Poll #1482183]I don't really think that was the best way to word that question, but hopefully you get my point.  

I got a review that went something like "Though there's one little error that everyone makes, but it kinda irks me. There were a few times that you typed Roxas's when it's supposed to be Roxas'. It's no biggy, I've seen everyone make that mistake, but I just thought I'd point it out. :3"

Now I love helpful reviews as much as the next person, and if it had been about the stylistic choices, typos, characterization, plot, whatever, I'd probably think on it, because that's the way I roll bro.  But I don't know how to feel about this.  Theoretically it's a review about grammar; however, I don't think that it's right.  Being uh, the person that I am, I dug out my grammar books and writer's handbook (one of those books they make you get for freshman comp class that I kept because it's just smarter that way and I love it). My grammar books weren't much help, as they'd much rather prattle on coordinators and adverbials unfunfunf, I love you grammar books, and how you talk dirty to me but my handbook provided this rule which I vaguely remembered: If the noun is singular, and ends in -s or an s sound, add -'s.  Exp: Lois's sister spent last year in India.

Now I think it's pretty obvious that Roxas is a singular noun and thus would qualify for the -'s usage, as it is in the example.  This website seems to agree, and I am considering marrying The Apostrophe Protection Society.  Honestly.  Who comes up with such brilliant things? In any case, I feel more than justified in using Roxas's because that, to me, just looks better.  There was also a time in my life when I thought I was more a fan of prescriptive grammar.  That was a dark time in my life, as I usually smack around the English language like I possess the hand of god, and have grudgingly become more of a descriptive grammar person.  Though in this case, I seem to be following prescriptive rules anyway. 

Anyway, what do you guys think?  This poll's not so much about KH as it's about a lot of things, but Roxas was the one in question, and I think it's a shining example, so. 
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Was busy with a con this weekend, so this is a day late. But nonetheless.

Across the Doorsill
Rating: K+
Word Count: 5, 052
Warnings: language, and that's all folks.
Summary: I would love to kiss you, but the price of kissing is your life. Akuroku, next life.
Author’s Notes: The title comes from the poem Spring Giddiness, by Rumi.

In September my friends and I went on a roadtrip through Texas. We stopped in Austin and had time to kill, and so we ate at this brilliant little Korean place that was kitschy, urban, and just awesome. All the chairs had little snippets of poems or songs written on them, and I saw this one. I wrote the end of this the next night, and finished it this week. Not extremely Halloween-ish, but happy late Halloween anyway.

As usual, concrit is always welcomed.

I would love to kiss you.
The price of kissing is your life.
Now my loving is running toward my life shouting,
What a bargain, let's buy it.

“I never had it in the first place. It’s Halloween tomorrow. Just come out with me. I won’t try to feel you up, or molest you, or do anything remotely dumb in your presence. I just want to kiss you.” )
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spoilers..until Day 359 )

I'm shaking. I'll try for something real when I can see straight.

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358/2 spoilers up until day 351, observations, yep. So close, so close. )

I'm coming down to the end of it now. I'm really sort of scared.  Not of anything I have to fight necessarily, just that it's going to be over and then I will be without a Kingdom Hearts game, sob.

The Phillies beat the Dodgers today and if they win again tomorrow I am going to go to Philadelphia and throw marshmallows at the Liberty Bell.  Suck it, Philadelphia, suck it.

In the continuing saga of "Texas fails," I called to see if I could set up a payment plan for my ticket since the mumbling old man judge got all fussy and said he wouldn't give me an extension beyond a week, and when I called, he informed me that he had given me an extension for more than a week. O.o  o.O Allriiighty then. I wish I could record stuff from my phone, because if my license gets suspended because he can't remember what he had for breakfast yesterday, I am going to drown myself. 

Well, not really, but you get the picture. >.>

Also, check out my new icon. His name is Jeremy Renner, and I am going to marry him.  It was a tossup between him and James McAvoy and I decided on longevity and I've loved him since 28 Weeks Later, so.  It is going to be a small wedding, and you are all invited, but you bring your own drinks, and if I catch you macking on my husband, so help me god I will kill you.  So. Help. Me. God.


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358/2 spoilers up until Day 171, observations and so forth )

My friend finally got with the program after years of not reading Harry Potter (seriously, who grows up these days and doesn't read Harry Potter... oh wait, they're all reading Twilight, oops) and is finally starting on Deathly Hallows.  I started re-reading the series (for like the thousandth time) and am on Goblet of Fire and I remember why it's my favorite. <3  [ profile] makemegray , I hope you might still need a Hermione after I finish this, because I may have something to offer you. xD

I had to actually go get it from Bookmans, since my sister has our copy with her in Phoenix.  We have the first three softback, and then the last four hardcover.  And then of course we each have our own copy of Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, because goddamnit, we share a lot of stuff, but we could not share Harry Potter the day it came out.  That would be impossible.  

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358/2 spoilers up until Day 117, observations and whatnot. )

I'm probably going to end up making posts like this every other night or so just to keep my thoughts in order.  Does that annoy/make anyone sad for any reason? Because if it does I'll stop!  Just let me know somehow, comment or pm or IM or whatever. :3

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Title: Like Sleeping
Rating: T
Word Count: 4, 673
Genre: Supernatural/angst
Pairing: Axel/Roxas
Warnings: language, angst, bad clichés. The usual.
Summary: Going through the stunted motions of living isn’t the same as being alive.

Author’s Notes: I am, of course, not abandoning This Frenzied State. You would pretty much have to kill me to do that. I am just having… beastly issues with it. I am sorry. >.>

I wrote this a few nights ago and I'm tired of looking at it. I don't think this is one of my better efforts at all. I am a one trick pony lately.

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome. This is the first time I’ve used first person narrative the entire way through, and I’m not sure every point I was trying to make got across. Or if the point got across at all, to be perfectly honest. Next fic Axel is not going to be such a puppydog. That version of him is getting old. Idk. No beta on this either, so feel free to point out errors.

Axel pulls back, meets Roxas’s eyes, and they aren’t really scared anymore, because Roxas, Axel has to remind himself, adapts better than most fish.  )
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So I'm attempting to sell my Sidekick on craigslist, because I never get service at work in my building and my contract with Tmobile was up this past week.  I really like Tmobile, I really do, but having service at work would make my life better.  I could be texting, doing all kinds of interesting things when I'm talking to the people on the phone and messin up their flight plans.  It's the dream.

So this is the ad I posted:

"Hi there. I've had my Sidekick LX for a few years and am now looking to switch over to Verizon, since I don't get reception at my work, woe. My SK works just fine, has some scuffs and whatnot, but is pretty much perfect. I have no idea what to sell this for, so pretty much any offer of at least 50 will be okay. Warning, I only have the charger, not the cord to the computer, so you'd have to Ebay that yourself if you wanted to get it, but you can email yourself pictures. Mine will have some music on it and whatnot, and also has JemBuster (cheap version of Bejeweled, what uppp), and a super spiffy The Dark Knight background (also what uppp). She's a pretty little baby and I'm sad to part ways with her since she's treated me very well, buttt I want to be able to text at work more than I love her. I am such a bad owner. In any case, hit me up. Honestly, I'll take forty bucks and giftcard to Target (or Starbucks!), I'm not picky, just trying to get something out of her. ^^ "

And this one of the responses I got:

Hello. I was wandering wat color is ur sidekick LX. And are u saying that u will trade. A starbucks gift card ?? For it. Cause I got a 10$ giftcard. That I haven't used. And I also have a target one but there only like 3 bucks left on it so I don't think u will want that. Ok. If u can send me pics of ur sidekick lx that would be really awsome

Sometimes I want to facepalm all over the internet. 

Also, seriously, I keep getting responses from people that have the "sent from my Tmobile Sidekick/ Blackberry" on the bottom, and I'm like wtf, why are you trying to buy my phone if you already have one? I am so confused.

Going to see Paranormal Activity with my brother on Wednesday. I'm so stoked.  358/2 comes out on Tuesday.  I really want to buy it, but I also want to get a new phone, a wig, a shoulder holster (that's for a super secret purpose), more muslin, an eye appointment, and lots of other fantastic things. I don't know how to prioritize.  I'm probably going to end up getting it.  I can't hold back. It's Roxas. I can't not give in.  Woe.

eta: My brother just got back from the movie theater, where he saw Paranormal Activity.  I was mad at first because he specifically made me promise to go see it with him, but now he's too freaked out to even sleep in his own room by himself.  I AM SO STOKED TO SEE THIS MOVIE THERE ARE NO WORDS. He's still going with me on Wednesday.  SO.  STOKED.

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When they say it caused flight delays, they mean OUR flights.

Well that was a goddamn headache.  Jesus Christ people, I did not spill the mercury, and we didn't shut the goddamn airport down, that was the TSA, not American.  Oi vey. 

For those reading This Frenzied State, a note. Also, an attempt at floaty summer ghosts, ahoy. )

Don't really know where I'm going with this.  All I know for sure is that it involves A) lots of old junk, B) summer nights, and C) horrible dialogue.  Huzzah!

All I've been doing lately has been going to work, watching zombie movies, and writing vague, half formed attempts at floaty, not so good things.  It's almost September.  It's almost fall.  I always find good stuff in the fall.  Come on tradition.  Hang in there

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Last night was really weird and very awkward. I think I'll be sticking to the house for awhile.

It's Akuroku Day! Idek, my flist hasn't exploded too badly. I love Axel/Roxas. There are no words. They complete me. I actually could probably come up with a few hundred ways why I love them so much, but I won't waste time (and space).

I have comments to reply to and fics to read and lately I feel like I have no time for them. Though clearly I have time for awkward.

In any case, as I have nothing new to share for this special day (haha), I'm posting the original version of Everything and Nothing at Once. A couple of people asked for it, so I figured I'd stick it up.

Other than that... I have nothing new. I am boring.

You’d never guessed that he’d killed someone here, really. The stain was just like any other stain on this sun-soaked roof and though he had scanned the crowd, he hadn’t seen a zebra striped monster waltzing around seeking his blood. There were a lot of others who wanted his blood, passionately, but none of them were zebra striped. Not that he was being picky or anything. )

Part Two
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Title: Everything and Nothing At Once
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Horror/Angst/Next life/Romance (I have no idea what to put here)
Word Count: 5, 015
Disclaimer: KH belongs to Squeenix; lines from The Hollow Men go to T.S. Eliot.
Warnings: There are zombies (no flesh eating), too long sentences, not enough blood, and lots of water.
Summary: Axel’s less concerned about the blood in Roxas’s eyes than he is about the gun in his hand.
Author’s Notes: This is about zombies. Or rather, the aftermath of zombies.

This is a result of listening to too much Lydia (sea) and Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s (yearning). Also, because of Resident Evil (zombies). This is more or less a condensed version of a 17k zombie fic I wrote last year that was much more detailed, much more graphic, and much more developed. I ultimately stopped working on it because A) I had two versions in my head and wrote the one I liked the least and B) it really made no sense. I still may, one day, revive the better version I have in my head but it’s doubtful. If you want the one I worked on just give a shout, I can provide.

On a side note, I really should probably go to sleep sometime before 8 am most days. It’s starting to make me a zombie. DUNDUN. –shotshotshot-

Didn’t have a beta on this, so really, any concrit would be most welcome. I have a problem with corny endings and not enough explanation. Do tell.

Again Roxas said nothing, looked down at his arm, and then up at Axel, thoughtfully. “You’re going to have to kill me.” )
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Discussion time![Poll #1434624][Poll #1434624]  and next week's test is Loveless universe. For those unfamiliar with this canon, it's a universe where (there's a lot more but this is the most relevant fact) virgins have cat ears and tails.  So I mentioned that I was excited to see cute Axel with cat ears to my Barney (that's the Barney to my Robin, for all those hip with HIMYM, which is like no one on my flist) who also plays Axel every now and then and she's completely adamant that Axel would not be a virgin.  This is one of those grab and snatch games, so I took Axel from the quite logical point, after he dies in KH2.  

So flist, your thoughts?  I haven't talked about it with my Roxas yet, but I'll wait to see her thoughts as well.  My personal feeling is that yes, Axel is.  This is, of course, pushing aside the sickly sweet Disney-ness of it all.  I have reasons for thinking he is, but they're not very defined yet beyond it's a feeling.  So I'll try to tackle that somewhere soon, but what do you guys think?  I don't do a lot of canon fics, save short drabbles, and while I've thought about it, I've not really thought about it in any length.  So... yea. 

eta: I'm thinking about it more and all the reasons for him not being a virgin still don't wash with me.  I like to think I have somewhat of a grasp on his character (since I've been writing/roleplaying Axel for about a year and a half now, which is small compared to a lot of others, but a stretch of time for me k) and I just.. don't get it.  Is my view fundamentally flawed somewhere?  Am I basing my view on like, completely false things?  I'm just curious.  I'm sure this has been hashed like, a billion times on other places, but this is really the first time I've come to doubt- dare I say it- my characterization.  I'm pretty confident in the way I write/play him.  Sometimes I think I need to play him a little more edgier, but not to the degree of "omg I'm a slut."  Maybe even the tamer "I am free and exploring my new world!"   I admit that I play him sort of odd and against what I feel is fandom's majority opinon. I still don't see that hopping into bed with another person without something to be er, gained. 

Idk.  I'm not like, losing sleep over it or anything, I'm just way curious.  This is the first time I've come into contact with such a varying opinion from my own.  It's kinda cool.  In a way. xD  

It's also 5 in the morning and I'm AWAKE.  There's also that.


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