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Aug. 11th, 2012 10:52 pm
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Is anyone else not seeing comments? I can see that there ARE comments on posts, but I can't see them. The exceptions are ONTD_political and my own journal. O.o Even when I go to the community or journal and not just look at it on my flist, I still can't see the comments, just the number of comments. It's driving me bonkers. Anyone else?
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Maybe you can help me flist!  I recently realized that I could get radio streamed to my Blackberry that isn't Pandora (shhhh, I am slow) so I've been listening to NPR and other news/progressive/political stations at work via Stitcher radio.  I was using TuneIn which I liked better, but it stopped working midway through my shift Wednesday for some reason and so I found Stitcher, which is also quite nice and actually quite a bit better in terms of how much they offer (the interface is just annoying to me).  

So I've been able to listen to the Rachel Maddow show the next day and NPR's various programs, but I'm looking for other stuff too, mostly because the Marketplace guy on NPR gives me a weird vibe (I am discriminating on his voice, woe).  Suggestions?  Podcasts?  Places to download said podcasts?  Anything you listen to on the radio, via Stitcher or anything else?  Anything else that you can think of that might occupy my ears during my mostly ten hour shifts at work every day? 
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It is so hot in this room that sometimes I literally want to fall asleep in the living room on the floor.  It takes me an hour to fall asleep at night because I keep tossing and turning trying to find a cooler position.  The window faces the sun all day and I don't have any curtains, so it's brutal during the day too, but during the day I can escape to the living room usually.  But at night there's no escaping, and it doesn't make sense.  THERE IS NO MORE SUN.  It's still above ninety here at night, BUT NO SUN.  I have a fan, and it doesn't help.  I don't know if it's just me.  The living room and the other bedroom stay cool, but they're not facing the sun during the day. 

So... I have no idea.

I have other problems as well, but writing them down will make me seem like a bigger idiot than I already know I am, so I'm going to bitch about the heat.

Carry on.
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My computer will not hook up to my internet.  I know the internet is working, I can see the signal strength, and when I click connect the box where it shows wireless networks disappears.  I had it unplugged, and I didn't notice the battery dying (even though it beeps at me annoyingly; I am so observant) and so it just upped and died. I plugged it back in, and that's when the box problem started happening. I've done everything I can think of to make it work, and it will NOT connect.  I'm using my mother's extremely horrible Dell right now to check my bank account and whatnot, and plead for help. I don't know what to dooo.  The internet withdrawals haven't set in yet - I am still horribly apathetic toward anything at the moment - but it's very useful for banking and Mapquest and other things I kind of need the net for.  My phone's only so good.


In other news, still very not cool on life right now.  I bought a pack of cigarettes.  It's pretty bad.  Okay, it's not that bad.  It's just that on nights like these, when it's gorgeous out and there are stars and I'm not sleeping and have nothing to do, I feel so pathetically lonely.

But, I am waking up to make my mom breakfast in the morning.  Making food is most definitely not my forte, but I am feeling optimistic!  If I manage to make even something not burnt, I will be so pleased with myself. xD

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I'm about to get slightly nerdy.[Poll #1482183][Poll #1482183]I don't really think that was the best way to word that question, but hopefully you get my point.  

I got a review that went something like "Though there's one little error that everyone makes, but it kinda irks me. There were a few times that you typed Roxas's when it's supposed to be Roxas'. It's no biggy, I've seen everyone make that mistake, but I just thought I'd point it out. :3"

Now I love helpful reviews as much as the next person, and if it had been about the stylistic choices, typos, characterization, plot, whatever, I'd probably think on it, because that's the way I roll bro.  But I don't know how to feel about this.  Theoretically it's a review about grammar; however, I don't think that it's right.  Being uh, the person that I am, I dug out my grammar books and writer's handbook (one of those books they make you get for freshman comp class that I kept because it's just smarter that way and I love it). My grammar books weren't much help, as they'd much rather prattle on coordinators and adverbials unfunfunf, I love you grammar books, and how you talk dirty to me but my handbook provided this rule which I vaguely remembered: If the noun is singular, and ends in -s or an s sound, add -'s.  Exp: Lois's sister spent last year in India.

Now I think it's pretty obvious that Roxas is a singular noun and thus would qualify for the -'s usage, as it is in the example.  This website seems to agree, and I am considering marrying The Apostrophe Protection Society.  Honestly.  Who comes up with such brilliant things? In any case, I feel more than justified in using Roxas's because that, to me, just looks better.  There was also a time in my life when I thought I was more a fan of prescriptive grammar.  That was a dark time in my life, as I usually smack around the English language like I possess the hand of god, and have grudgingly become more of a descriptive grammar person.  Though in this case, I seem to be following prescriptive rules anyway. 

Anyway, what do you guys think?  This poll's not so much about KH as it's about a lot of things, but Roxas was the one in question, and I think it's a shining example, so. 
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I have downloaded gimp. \o/  I miss Photoshop and think the gimp interface is unfriendly as hell, but I am far too lazy to navigate torrents. Finally replaced the banner with something a little more me, got a new icon to match, which I'm not going to use for this, since it's the new default so now the rest of my entries will have it since LJ sucks with icons. Ladeda.  Cleaned up my journal the past few days, icon and profile wise. Should probably get a new layout since the banner is an eyesore with it, but I am still lazy. Maybe I'll just tinker with the colors.  To be perfectly safe, new banner is from Days, so if you don't want to be spoiled for anything, stay away from my journal.  ;)

Going to Phoenix tomorrow for the last Lydia show of the year, which makes me indefinitely sad, but ah well, new record I hope. Btw, someone please humor me and tell me how you upload entire files to mediafire or megaupload, not just single files? Is that possible? I tried zipping it and that didn't work, and I have them all stored in the same folder, but you can't just download the folder, you still have to do it singularly, which is more than annoying. At least, to me. >.> 

I've been talking a lot lately.  About nothing particularly important either. Hrm.


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