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I play Minecraft now. 

I really, really should stop and do something, like, Idk, stuff for that convention that's in eight weeks but ya know, I'd rather dig holes in digital dirt and make my giant digital cave even bigger.

-insert facepalm here-
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I've really, really been wanting to replay Tales of the Abyss lately.  I've done KH2 twice; granted that second playthrough was mostly me running around with Roxas (obligatory ;_______; ) to prolong letting him faaade away (obligatory ;________; ) and it was only like thirty hours, whereas Abyss was actually hard and took me over fifty.  It's ... long. 

I think I'll start again after California and after the 6th, when things in this house go back to normal.  I'm not really getting anywhere with Symphonia; I'm just... not ... interested.  I'm trying to be.  But Collete annoys me.  Lloyd is okay, but he doesn't make up for Collete. >.<   Luke didn't annoy me as much in the beginning; of course, he has pretty red hair to offset it.  Idk.

Car's still busted up and sitting in town somewhere and I'm still broke.  But it's better today.


Feb. 16th, 2008 02:04 am
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Sooo I dislike the camera angle because using the analog stick is so much easier than using the L&R buttons.  Oh well.  And the freaking Shadows?  They're as big as Sora is!  And Riku is a punk.  And Tidus kicked my ass the first time but I came back and stomped on him.  But Kairi is a lazy ho.  "Go get me some fish, some fresh water, and a peice of cloth.  NOW SLAVE!"  Sora: "Yes mistress."  Wh-wh-wh-whipped.

Of course I can't beat the first boss.  >.<  I finally figured out that I'm dead as soon as it stomps on me, however.  And Leon?  Sexy beast.  OHOHOHOH and the symmetry in the Station of Awakening between Sora and Roxas?  <3  I mean, I've watched that clip and I played the game but dayum, it's like down to the hand shots.  <3  Oh and I'm playing on Expert.  Just for kicks and giggles.  Pretty sure that is not the way to the secret ending like in the second game-- Dalmatians I'm recalling-- but I'm too lazy to look it up currently.  Ah well.  Kicks and giggles, kekekeke.

Oh, and I figured out how to make a color bar. :D  Very bad colorbars, nonetheless, but I shall continue practicing.  Tutorials/comments/love would be appreciated.  ;)  I also finally figured out a more or less decent way to make icons, rather than the "IMMA CROP THIS AND SEE HOW CLOSE I CAN GET IT TO 100X100 LAWLZ" method I was using.  Silly me.  Newest discovery was resizing pictures and putting them in other picture (oh man the originality snort).  Still probably using brushes for things that PS probably does but oh well.  You can use the stroke on pictures?  Say what?  Cheyea.

I need something else to be obsessed with so I can make shit for that too. >.<

My mom gets the Wii tomorrow! FINALLY.

EDIT: This newest icon I made is gonna annoy the crap out of me because I just realized I didn't put Kairi in the middle like I intended to and had in the earlier versions of it.  She's facing the opposite direction than Riku and Namine are and if she was in the middle it would make more sense because of the symmetry.  DAMNIT KAIRI.  O.o


Feb. 11th, 2008 09:15 pm
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Dude.  In KH1 you can Summon Bambi?

........ made of win.

So  I went to FYE today looking for a new game.  They have a pretty huge selection of used PS2 games-- I'd dare to say even more than the Gamestops around here.  So in any case, I went hunting weeks ago and found a used KH1 game but it wasn't guaranteed to play so I passed.  I went today, though, and they actually had NEW ONES.  UNOPENED.  I haven't even found one at the Gamestops around here.

So I bought it.  A bit redundant, since I've watched most of the cutscenes and know the basic story but I mean, I should play it.  Really.  So whenever I get a free moment and the living room is available I'll start it.  Proud Mode shall be put on the backburner for a little while.

Anyways, fucking Bambi.


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