May. 4th, 2009 02:05 am
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Just totally did a fic that wasn't KH.  It's been... forever.  It's on my FFN account if anyone...cares but I don't think there's anyone on my flist into the fandom.  THREE GUESSES AND THE ICON TOTALLY DOESN'T GIVE IT AWAY.

12 hour shift tomorrow, whatup!

Other than that, I need to edit stuff, and clean my room, and my car, and count my pennies.  Penny counting: srs bznss.  

I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore.  24 days until Lydia.  So.  Stoked.  


May. 4th, 2008 04:41 pm
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I'm stuck. : /

“So let’s go over the battle plan one more time,” Riku said, looking over at the entire small group.  “Just to be safe.”


“Dude, I think six times is enough.”


“Yes, Xigbar, but—“


“We’re going outside to apprehend the specimen with all safe procedures and shit,” Axel interrupted, sliding off the table he was sitting on to stride over to them.  “We’re going sneak around and try not to get killed.  If one of us does get killed, the others are going to leave him behind because we all love each other here.  Likewise, if one of us gets bitten we’re all going to summarily decide that he is not worth it and put a bullet through his head.  Should one of us manage to make it back alive and not in any condition that would count as mortally wounded or deceased, we’re going to race like little bitches back to the door, and if the person having the walkie talkie hasn’t eaten it by then, we’re going to have him tell Zexion and Vexen to open the door and then bring the specimen inside and restrain him or her, or whatever they are at that point.  Yes, Mom, we have it memorized, thanks.”

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It's that weekly drabble challenge time again.  This one is Underappreciated Characters. Aka, this one has no Axel or Roxas. O.o  Enter: squirrels on crack.  Okay, not really crack, but squirrels.  My hamster got me thinking.  Anyway.  Drabble time break  it down, dun dun dun dun.

(I am a fake cut and go somewhere that is not underneath this cut, but only in your head baha).
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 Wrote this for the KH Drabble Community, the challenge was Identity.  Only about 350 words or so, really short, and in this really weird second-narrative style I've not really used before. O.o  It's Roxas-centric.  Cuz I love Roxas and it suited the challenge.. I mean, identity, you can't do much more than Roxas or Sora for that.  Okay, well, maybe you could but I see Identity and I go ROXAS BABY.

In any case,

(This fake cut goes to the drabble place yo)
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This is the crack fic I started this morning and just finished.  It's unbeta'd and hardly edited at all.  It just sort of sprang out of me so I'm not particuarly proud of it, but figured I'd share anyway.  It's... different from what I usually write.  An undeveloped idea that is still rather... bad.

Title: Nothing
Word Count: 1, 456
Rating: G 
Characters: This one has Riku and Roxas. No, not together.  But basically... just them two.  Special appearances by Axel, Namine, DiZ, some weak Dusks,  and a barely conscious killingurroxas's Sora.


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