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If you're okay with what happened in New York today, kindly keep your opinion to yourself and watch this video and then leave the country. Thanks.

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I don't think anyone else really wants to hear anymore about how important today is.

It's still important.  I'll be glued to my television until work and when I get to work glued to between calls.

This postsecret sort of sums it up I guess.

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I voted on Wednesday, gaiz.  My first presidential election evah.  :)

Those reports saying that Arizona had a shot of going Democrat was fucking awesome, but fucking doubtful too.  I've had my Obama sticker on my car for a bit now and I got honked at the other day at the grocery store, and it wasn't a good honk.  My friend who I gave a sticker to had hers ripped off her car.  Everyone I work with is Republican and is quite sure that the world will end in 2012 in July. 

Let's see if anyone dies on Tuesday.  It'll most certainly be interesting. 

And, I ate a pancake with spinach and cheese on it today and it was called a flying saucer.  It was odd and would have made a better omelet, but I'm not being picky.  I'll put a picture up soon.  It was weird.
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Aren't you just the most biased website ever? Debate tomorrow. I will attempt to stay sober enough to listen to it all.

I tried to give blood today lol, I'm pretty much anemic. Well at least that's squared away. I can haz iron pills nao?


Jun. 7th, 2008 01:56 pm
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 "I thought it was a really good statement, powerful moment when a major political party nominates an African-American man to be their standard bearer," he said in an interview with an Italian journalist. "And it's good for our democracy that that happened. And we also had a major contender being a woman. Obviously Hillary Clinton was a major contender. So I think it's a good sign for American democracy."

....three guesses who "he" is and you don't need the last two.  Come on, look at that eloquence!


Back to work today.  Hopefully I don't pass out.  Feeling a lot better, though.  Still have like no urge to really eat anything, which, in retrospect, rules.  ^^


Mar. 4th, 2008 08:05 pm
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... and I guess now is the time for me to start watching SNL?  Or at least convince myself that the tv is not only necessary for Kingdom Hearts?  MY PINKIE IS COLD. 

I found that sped up version of Roxas's song they play in Final Mix+.  :__;  It's so sad. 

Annnd now I go do laundry and attempt to do two midterms in two hours.  Huzzah.

three entries in like one day?  I'm sorry flist.


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