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Things I did today: watched Easy A, Glee, a few episodes of HIMYM, cleaned my room, and ate an entire pizza by myself and drank some diet Coke.  I'm sure the pizza negated the diet Coke thing, but whatever, I'm hormonal and sad and damn that pizza was good. 

Gonna drink some tea now, listen to my super soothing recorded ocean waves, and go to bed, and then in the morning go to the gym (the guilt is already creeping upon me).  I still call this a good day.  Damn that pizza was good.

eta: I lied, no sleep for me.  Starting on volunteer registration.  Meaning I will be swearing at Joomla and my computer for the next week. I hate Joomla.  So.  Much.
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Booked my hotel room for Phoenix Comicon, finally.  I'm super happy about it.  I really want to stay the Thursday before as well since it's preview day and I'm sure my services will still be required, but that brings my bill up to over 400 and I'm fairly certain I'm going to be the only one footing the bill.  I have some friends coming up from Tucson but I doubt they'll chip anything in, which is fine - I was getting the room anyway, might as well share with my friends. :) If we get super slammed at work like everyone says we will (because working 45 hours a week like I am right now is totally normal), then I may splurge for the extra night.  

So flist, if you're in the Phoenix, Arizona area on or around Memorial Day weekend this year and would like to attend a convention hosting Leonard Nimoy, Billy Dee Williams, Stan Lee, and a bunch of others and need a place to crash, I have a room with floor (since beds have already been staked out, but there is plenty of floor).  I also have an apartment about, oh, 20 minutes away, but whatevs, I'm excited to be on site.  

We're making butterbeer tomorrow for the Super Bowl (and not watching the Super Bowl, but we need an excuse to eat).  I will let you know how it goes!  Hopefully it will be an adventure.
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I play Minecraft now. 

I really, really should stop and do something, like, Idk, stuff for that convention that's in eight weeks but ya know, I'd rather dig holes in digital dirt and make my giant digital cave even bigger.

-insert facepalm here-
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I wanted to buy myself something nice this paycheck since it's my first paycheck of full time with overtime (and holy heck I've never been paid this much in one week in my life) so I paid for a First Aid with CPR/AED for Adults/Children/Infants certification at the Red Cross in Tucson on February 13th.  \o/

I'm super stoked. It's something I've been meaning and meaning to do, and since I'm technically in charge of Security this year for Con-nichiwa, it just seemed fitting, since we want them to have their CPR certs if possible.  I'm secretly hoping that Matt will see my post on Facebook and offer to reimburse me, since I just got into the Security email and the con paid for the Security's team certs last year.  I call shenanigans. 

But either way, stoked.  Next, I want to learn how to shoot a gun, preferably at a zombie.

In less than happy news that I won't elaborate on, I am sooo tired of stoking people's egos.  More prudently, the egos of men.  AKA, the guys I work with at conventions and some other guys.  It's always guys.  Just guys.  Really, I'm more of a man than men that I know.  Yes, this is terribly sexist, but yea, whatever.  Seriously men in my life, stop bitching.  Kthnx.
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Phoenix Comicon got Leonard Nimoy!

Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Billy Dee Williams.  People are probably dying.
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So basically My Chemical Romance decided to boycott Arizona because of that goddamn SB1070 bill.  I am very upset and disappointed and so sick of being judged by the goddamn Republicans that run this state.  The closest shows as of yet are in Utah and Colorado, and pretty sure I won't be able to make either of them.  >.>  I have to take so many days off for my conventions this year that I don't know if I can stretch it anymore.  Goddamnit.

In other news, cons are going very well.  Had our first Con-nichiwa meeting, things are rolling, our first PCC meeting is in December. 

And in other other news, that's about it.  Woo!  Con stuff and MCR concerts.  The extent of my life.  /bow
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Billy Dee Williams is going to be at Phoenix Comicon 2011.  So is Stan Lee, BUT FUCKING LANDO.


I am an avid Star Wars fan via osmosis and am so excited!  Very happy and excited to be officially part of the event this year. 
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That is all. :D

I lied, that's not all. I have no idea what happened.  I hadn't turned on my computer in a few days and I wanted to update my iPod with some new playlists, so I turned it on and I noticed the connection button was showing that it was... connecting.  I opened Firefox, held my breath and closed my eyes, and IT CONNECTED.  I have no idea what happened, but I'm dancing around happy anyway.  I don't even know what to do with myself!  I have to catch up on Glee and HIMYM (there are a few episodes in each I didn't catch) and remember what I used to do on the internet before it stopped working in May.  I've been watching Dr. Who on BBC America whenever I can catch it, and how I adore Eleven and Amy.  So cute!  So I want to start watching that cycle soon.  There's music I need to download and jobs I need to apply for and this makes it just so much easier.  Oh Firefox, I missed you~

There's something I want to do concerning Lydia and song meanings and summer songs, but that will be another post for another time.  I just wanted to TALK IN BIG LETTERS about my laptop working again.  She is officially Zombie Computer.  Since she came back from the dead after two months.  Huzzah!  I'm going to renew my paid account when I'm done with tour, so probably not til August.  I don't have a very joyous icon right now, I'll need to fix that. THIS IS A JOYOUS EVENT.  Thank you for the comments on my last post.  I hope I can start replying more now that I have steady access to the net.  :)

In unrelated but related news, we had the walkthrough of the hotel for Saboten today.  It's beautiful.  My area is nice and out front and has lots of light and a nice tiled floor and glass doors.   It also has a gazillion balconies, so I'm terrified some idiot kid is going to take a swan dive off one while trying to get an ~epic picture or something equally stupid, but it's pretty.  And has a water park.  SOMETIMES IN LIFE THE BENEFITS JUST OUTWEIGH THE RISKS. 
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I'm so tired.  Two hours of sleep, and work at 8 in the morning, which is ridiculous for me.  And then  I had a bad start to the night yesterday, but my friends came down from Phoenix and we rocked this place like nobody's business.  I have new hair.  It's exhilarating.

I didn't get later today off, though I so dearly wanted it.  Of course there's weather.  OF COURSE THERE'S WEATHER, THIS IS THE WINTER OF NEVERENDING FUCKING WEATHER EVERYWHERE.  It's ruining my life and I'm not even in it.  Man.  Come on spring, be nice.  Before we get summer, and thunderstorms.  Sigh. 

Con in a week.  I'm supposed to be writing something right now.  But I can't focus and I'm so sleepy and so I think I'll give up.

I've been making guacamole like nobody's business.  I used to hate the stuff, and now I just want to bathe in it.

Nonsensical is nonsensical, and I'm really quite an idiot but we'll get over that eventually.

I need more tea.
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It took me five hours, but I have FINALLY finished my volunteer registration for my con.  Well, not finally since I imagine I'll have to mess around with it later, but for right now, THE INTERNET CAN SUCK MY DICK.



Today was righteous.  In an awkward sense, but I hope that's okay. 

Going to Phoenix this weekend.  And then next week.  Though right now I'm going to sleep. 

And... yea, that's all I got.


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